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glass- and carbon-reinforced composites (alone or in hybrids with other fibers) continue to replace wood and metal in fishing rods tennis racquets spars/shafts for kayak paddles windsurfing masts and boards hockey sticks kites and bicycle handlebars as well as in niche applications such as fairings for recumbent bikes.【Get Price】

composite sports equipment: a vision for the future

in the 1970s light metals like aluminum and titanium became very popular in sports applications due to their rigidity and lightness. however since aluminum had low fatigue strength even small stresses caused great fatigue and ultimate failure. “a composite material is defined as a combination of two or more materials.【Get Price】

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read about how composite materials help athletes reach their highest performance capabilities and provide durable lightweight equipment for weekend warriors.【Get Price】

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as the world-leader in composite manufacturing ice uses a variety of composite materials to create high-quality custom products of all shapes sizes and flex properties and can withstand moisture without rusting making them the material of choice for nautical applications such as boating and other water sports.【Get Price】

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elite sportsmen and woman have been using cutting edge materials to gain competitive advantage for decades. more recently enthusiasts of all standards have embraced the advantages offered by the sports composite material technology. we have supplied not only manufacturers of fishing rods kayaks kayak paddles 【Get Price】

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the paper briefly summarizes the application of composite materials on various sports equipments especially the specific application on table tennis bats and tables. the paper explains the good properties of composite materials shown in the table tennis bat in detail through a data analysis. it has an important significance 【Get Price】

composites in sporting goods: been there done that

after earning a reputation for several decades as the most dynamic market for composite materials the sporting goods sector's growth rates of late have become rather anemic by comparison. ten years ago the quantity of carbon fiber used in sporting goods was equal to that used by all industrial applications combined and 【Get Price】

the application of carbon fiber materials in sports equipment

in order to build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society advocate a green sports and to be a truly ecologically sustainable development the carbon fiber composite materials will be applied to the field of sports equipment manufacturing which is an effective and economic way to protect the environment.【Get Price】

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this paper summarizes the common categories of balls for leisure sports and makes summative introduction and comment on the current situation of the most popular four kinds of ball sports equipments in china proposes the performance index of the matrices of composite materials expounds the trend of the material 【Get Price】

the application of composite fiber materials in sports equipment

keywords: fiber material; sports equipment; application. abstract:this paper introduces the application of composite fiber materials in the field of sports equipment mainly from the aspects of its application in sports equipment advantages as well as the principle of select material product varieties application example and 【Get Price】

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worldwide sport and recreation applications are the third largest user of advanced composites behind defense/aerospace and elastomer reinforcement (tires hose advances in materials and processes have reduced consumer prices for the recreational composite while providing improved performance for the athlete.【Get Price】