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i am sure there are some "standards" but note that there are individual preferences. take car seats for instance with their range of adjustability. however rear car seats in a sedan or those in many pickup trucks are not adjustable and you may be able to use that as a guide. note that comfort in seating often 【Get Price】

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can't design a chair for the best single way to sit. we need preferred sitting angle - sitting leads to 40 - 90% more stress on the back (disc pressure) than standing posture. studies if the seat depth is greater than the buttock-popliteal length (fifth percentile woman is at 17") then the user won't be able to use the backrest.【Get Price】

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as the chair back angle increases the seat should be tilted further backward to prevent forward sliding and lowered to prevent the front edge of the seat from pressing against the back of the legs. the seat back a back height of about 12" to 16" above the seat is ideal for most adults. a backrest height of 9 to 11 inches.【Get Price】

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may 1 2008 you can either use the dimensions in the drawing (figure 1) or trace a comfortable chair. if you plan to build benches regularly paint the plywood and seal its edges to make it last longer. figure 1. the secret to a comfortable bench is getting the height and the angles right. the author's design is based on 【Get Price】

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that's how i determined the angles and dimensions. the following sketch shows the numbered pieces and the angular cuts that need to be made. piece one is the back support its 36 inches long. the lower end is cut at a 67.5 degree angle found by measuring the angle of the back of my comfortable lawn chair. only one 【Get Price】

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the lumbar support in the chair should fit the small of your back; if it's positioned too low it will hit your buttocks and promote a slouched posture. see below for ideal backrest angle. back-rest-ideal. the rotating picture above illustrates the correct positioning with your backrest at 90 degrees or at a slightly reclined angle.【Get Price】

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thinking about designing a chair but struggling with determining the dimensions and angles that will guarantee maximum comfort? the back of the legs. g to give “rear” clearance for hind parts leave 3" of open space between the top of the seat and bottom of the lower backrest or curve out the lower 4–8" of the backrest.【Get Price】

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nov 25 2015 basic chair. for those designing a basic chair wood magazine has a great article called "must-have measurements for comfortable seating" that draws on furniture industry guidelines to provide ideal figures. (well ideal if you're a 5'10" male.) image by wood magazine. image by wood magazine. to read 【Get Price】