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fast facts about cutting boards and food safety in your kitchen

sep 23 2014 “that's because they have larger grains which allows the wood to split apart more easily forming grooves where bacteria can thrive.” which type of cutting board should you use? chapman recommends using plastic cutting boards for meat and wood cutting boards for fruit vegetables or any ready-to-eat【Get Price】

this or that? wooden vs. plastic cutting boards

plastic vs. wooden cutting boards: which kind is better? choose carefully; one type may harbor a secret stash of nasty bacteria. by emily main july 1 2016. cutting board. maraze/shutterstock. although many believe that plastic cutting boards are safer to use than wooden ones—no juices seeping into the grooves with【Get Price】

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nov 11 2014 contrary to popular belief plastic cutting boards are not automatically safer than wood. studies have shown that wood can actually be more sanitary in the long run. people assume that because wood is a porous surface and plastic isn't plastic boards are more resistant to bacteria. this assumption doesn't【Get Price】

best cutting boards: is plastic really better than wood?

feb 7 2018 what are the best cutting boards - plastic or wood? prevailing wisdom says plastic but research shows otherwise.【Get Price】

the dirty truth about cutting boards

sep 1 2009 they are made by jointing and gluing many small blocks of wood together with the cut ends facing upward. the vertical grain makes for a surface that is extremely durable and is easier on your knives than edge-grain or plastic boards. end-grain boards are more expensive than other types of cutting boards.【Get Price】

what's the best kind of cutting board: plastic wood or bamboo

sep 20 2016 if you've ever shopped for a cutting board chances are you've heard all kinds of conflicting advice on which is the most green the most sanitary and the least damaging to your knives. so who's right? we're finally setting the record straight on which is the best kind of cutting board: plastic wood or bamboo【Get Price】

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jul 25 2017 cutting boards are a touchy subject! some people are set on wood while others are set on plastic. however now that food safety and foodborne illnesses have become a concern in most households the question arises: which type of cutting board is the safest to prevent any issues with【Get Price】

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fact: one of the easiest things you can do to ensure the long life of your kitchen knives is to use the right kind of cutting board. and believe it or not even in this age of high-tech materials and nano-bred wonders just about the best substance for your knives to cut and cube on is still—you guessed it—good old wood. plastic【Get Price】

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we began our research comparing plastic and wooden cutting boards after the u.s. department of agriculture told us they had no scientific evidence to support their if a sharp knife is used to cut into the work surfaces after used plastic or wood has been contaminated with bacteria and cleaned manually more bacteria are【Get Price】

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jun 11 2015 some research suggests that heavily scored wooden boards can be more of a problem than plastic ones which would make sense considering how hard to can be to clean between microscopic grooves left by a knife. but contrary to that study another found that used knife-scarred wooden cutting boards【Get Price】

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oct 4 2013 for hard vegetables like carrots turnips and potatoes stick with wood. the thicker sturdier surface grips the vegetable better and the solid surface of the wood makes for cleaner cuts than the often textured plastic of synthetic cutting boards (also meant to grip its subject). but honestly as long as you're【Get Price】

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wood vs plastic cutting boards - new german study reinforces dr. cliver's report: wood cutting boards inhibit bacteria growth and are equal to or better than plastic cutting boards. just recently dr. ulrike kleiner from the laboratory of hygiene research at the anhalt university in bernburg germany performed a new【Get Price】

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dec 9 2017 trying to find out if plastic cutting boards are really better than wood? the answer is a no-brainer. get the facts about wood and plastic cutting boards.【Get Price】

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apr 6 2011 wooden versus plastic cutting boards; a long-lived debate. do you know which is the better safer option for your kitchen?【Get Price】

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feb 6 2017 when plastic chopping boards first gained traction it was right around the time when plastic began to make its way into everything the mid 1900's. for a long time it was believed that plastic chopping boards were more hygienic than traditional wood ones. the line of thought in determining that plastic was【Get Price】

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feb 10 1993 every now and then a scientific finding flies in the face of conventional wisdom. and so it was with an accidental discovery by microbiologists at the university of wisconsin's food research institute that wooden cutting boards kill food-poisoning bacteria that survive very nicely on the plastic boards that【Get Price】

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oct 18 2014 q. is it a fact that plastic kitchen cutting boards harbor more bacteria than wooden ones?—sawrie wuest asheville nc. a. both wood and nonporous (such as plastic marble or glass) cutting boards are safe as long as you prevent cross-contamination by using one for cutting produce and bread and【Get Price】

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feb 18 2014 your cutting board gets used every single day so treat it like family! our cooking expert marge perry walks you through the basics. get more from marge: htt【Get Price】

4 reasons wooden cutting boards are better than plastic or glass

aug 4 2017 back when i worked catering we were required by the health department to use plastic cutting boards because “they were more sanitary”. like so many well-intentioned government agencies they were wrong. this post explains why wooden cutting boards are better than plastic or glass and why i only use【Get Price】

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dec 23 2014 what's better to use to prevent foodborne illness—a wooden or plastic cutting board? you've probably heard this question before and have probably gotten different answers. you're not alone—even experts disagree on what's best. on the one hand some research suggests that wood is the way to go.【Get Price】

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feb 3 2017 think your plastic chopping board is more hygienic than a wooden one? you're wrong. plastic chopping boards in fact harbour much more bacteria than their wooden cousins according to allrecipes magazine. and when you find out how disgusting a plastic board can really get you may never want to use【Get Price】