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17 nov 2010 oxiclean is a safe alternative to chemical-based bleach products as the item is comprised of oxygen bleach that uses oxygen ions to fuel its cleaning power. when cleaning your【Get Price】

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can i clean my coffeemaker with oxiclean™ versatile stain remover powder? no. can i clean my outside wood deck with oxiclean™ versatile stain remover powder? unfinished wood decks can be cleaned with oxiclean™. can i clean painted surfaces with oxiclean™ versatile stain remover powder? no. can i clean my jewelry with oxiclean™ versatile stain remover powder? no. i have softened water in my home. can i still use oxiclean™ versatile stain remover powder 【Get Price】

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23 apr 2014 power washer deck scrub brush bucket filled with warm water and 3-6 scoops of oxiclean. you will probably have to fill the bucket up with water and oxiclean a few times depending on the size of your deck. i first wet the deck down with the power washer and then scrubbed the surface with the oxiclean mixture using the deck brush . i got the deck nice and sudsy let it sat for about 5 minutes then power washed the mixture off. i had to repeat in a couple of areas 【Get Price】

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answer: yes corte*clean® can be used to clean newer “capped” composites however generally at a greatly reduced strength. we suggest starting with 1 scoop of corte*clean® powder per gallon of water. you can alwayse increase the strength if needed to remove stains.【Get Price】

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oxygen bleach unlike clorox bleach combines natural soda ash or natural borax and hydrogen peroxide to form a powdered substance. when this substance dissolves in water oxygen is released to work on tough stains and ground-in dirt. oxygen bleaches are completely environmentally friendly and they won't compromise the color of your wood deck's stain. common oxygen bleach products include oxiclean oxy-boost ajax wolman deck and siding brightener and clorox oxy 【Get Price】

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clean a sidewalk using a tank sprayer oxy cleaner and a deck brush. you can have it shurhold 955 6 deck brush with medium yellow polystyrene bristles -- details can be found by clicking on the image. th-16 / wpc decking floor size: 134x24mm surface: sanding / 3d embossing / embossing / brush color: cedar/ red pine/ red wood/ light grey/ blue grey/ coffee/ art color/ or custom if you are interested in composite decking please contact me freely(sample is free)~.【Get Price】

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9 mar 2012 oxygen bleach and your deck. before an outdoor deck is sealed it's best to clean it. this makes common sense because you want the sealer to adhere well and penetrate deeply into the wood fibers. oxygen bleach does a fantastic job of cleaning a deck. unfortunately many websites manufacturers and deck sealer companies recommend cleaning methods that are not always in your best interests or those of the wood. for decades i've seen the same advice in 【Get Price】