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jun 17 2012 cheap good-looking and fairly easy way to make an under deck ceiling. are supplied with a plastic colour coat on them but either will last 25+ years. under the decking joists you could have used firing pieces as you would use on a flat roof either with the joists or perpendicular (90 degrees) to the joists 【Get Price】

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apr 11 2016 under-deck ceilings. a number of recently introduced under-deck ceiling systems use corrugated aluminum or plastic panels designed to catch water that drains through decking and channel it away from the area below. among the newest is the raintight system introduced at deck expo 2014. raintight 【Get Price】

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wooden decks are generally constructed of boards with narrow gaps between them designed to allow rainwater to leak through. this method prevents standing water.【Get Price】

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nov 28 2013 under deck drainage made inexpensive. the small slope will allow rain water to drain but tree leaves will build up under the deck and cause your deck to rot and create a great home for termites. tree leaves will . you have inspired me to work with my husband and get the ceiling under the deck done?.【Get Price】

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nov 1 2015 the slope or pitch of the under panels can be at any degree that will shed the water. if you consider it as similar to a roof than according to code: "minimum slope is 1/4 inch vertical in 12 units (2% slope)" and ideally :"1/2 vertical in 12 units (4% slope)". this is for metal roofs that have a sealant between their 【Get Price】

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jan 12 2012 this method prevents standing water from rotting the wood but it also means that a second-story deck makes for poor shelter during a rainstorm. if you want to be able to use the space under your deck during rainy weather installing corrugated roofing panels to the deck's underside can solve the problem.【Get Price】

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since the purpose of the underdecking is to seal the underside and have the water runoff at one end. why can't i just attach 2*4 * 14 (length of deck) to the underside of the joists to make a slight slope attach corrugated roofing panels to them then put a gutter at the end? i see you can get them in pvc 【Get Price】