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1 oct 2017 then refit is a total pain as all winches and deck fittings have to have flexi cut out and solid base cut in. if i was allowing 150 man hours fro removal make good and replacement with teak my guess is this will be another 50 hours work also deck has to be 100% as plastic will show where teak will cover any bad repair. anyone any other ideas ? maybe north germany the portuguise buy there teak from this area and hanse make some very good boats. simon.【Get Price】

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28 feb 2017 in this boat stringer repair guide we'll look at what commonly goes wrong with and how to address it in the most straightforward cost-effective way. what are boat stringers? boat stringers refer to the wood underneath your boat deck that support said deck. think of them as similar to the joists that hold up the floor in your house. the difference here is that stringers undergo significantly more stress than joists in the home which means you'll have to be careful about 【Get Price】

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structural members in today's boats are made of wood and covered with fiberglass. over time water may seep into these and rot the wood from the inside out. when this happens there is little left to hold the boat together and support the weight of the engine. replacing a rotted floor may only mask an underlying and more serious problem. here is an example of how rotted stringers can become and a shot of one step of restoration being performed.most boats built before the mid 90's 【Get Price】

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new boat deck carpet creates an instant upgrade to your cockpit – protecting the fiberglass of the boat deck while providing added comfort for crew and passengers. but what is the best way to replace marine boat deck carpet for your boat? do you want to invest in top of the line new marine grade carpet ordered with a custom fit or do you want to get a lower-cost do-it-yourself installation of marine grade outdoor carpet? we've replaced boat deck carpet on three different boats using 【Get Price】

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however costs are extremely variable depending on the product used. similarly building a deck from treated lumber and replacing any wooden pieces with treated lumber is a good investment although treated lumber tends to cost somewhat more. a regular pressure washing between applications of sealant can remove mildew or other harmful substances. to have a dock professionally pressure washed the cost generally runs $1 per square-foot. for metal parts making a regular 【Get Price】

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8 jan 2013 reza after i set the stringers to the floor using the epoxy peanut butter i raped the stringers with fiberglass to the boat hull overlapping the fiberglass about six inches from stringer to boat hull. adding two more fiberglass sheets from james ford4 months ago. i found this tutorial to be pretty good if you are thinking of replacing a floor read more 1. kaleb randall1 year ago. how much did this all cost though all together :/. read more.【Get Price】

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14 feb 2017 my new floor. at the end of the season in 1999 my boat convinced me that it needed a new floor. it said "if you don't give me a new floor i'm dropping you through this one." so i said "okay next spring. it's gonna happen." i also did some other things that had been hanging over my head such as replace and rewire the bilge pump (hmmm wonder how long the housing had been cracked?) patch the holes in the keel that had appeared where the boat had been 【Get Price】

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lastly the biggest problem with pt plywood is you have to rely on mechanically fastening it to stringers perimeter cleats etc. as epoxy doesn't stick to it very well unless very dry heavily toothed and extra wide tabbing is used. in the end if cost is a deciding factor you'll find it difficult to rival plywood. you could try cedar slats which is a very traditional way to go. it's not especially costly excellent rot resistance and easy to install. some will mention cosa board and 【Get Price】

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the amount of weight the dock can bear is influenced by the size and number of barrels used in construction along with the type and weight of the decking. a floating dock may cost between $20 and $35 per square foot depending on the choice of decking. compared to other styles a floating dock has advantages and disadvantages. these docks tend to be less expensive and they can easily be removed from the water during the winter with a little planning. their repair and upkeep 【Get Price】