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home improvement interior and exterior finishing for walls and floors tiling and more. taking the hassle out of renovating. the newest product from saint-gobain weber is renovate a tile adhesive with a distinct set of benefits one of which allows renovators to tile directly onto existing substrates without priming - a first for south africa. . wanting to screed floors. a screed floor is a product that provides a thin smooth overlay when applied over rough concrete slabs or uneven floors.【Get Price】

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the best solution is to get them replastered. however this is a messy and expensive job as you need to hack off the old plaster first. the expense comes from hiring a plasterer. the cheapest solution is to cover them with drywall. this will give you a nice smooth wall. you can glue the drywall directly to the plaster which will work if the current plaster is not too uneven. a better finish will be obtained if you batten the walls first ensuring that the battens are vertical and 【Get Price】

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gyproc rhinolite plasters are manufactured for internal application onto a wide range of surfaces and are produced locally from both natural and synthetic gypsum with a small volume of imported plaster. patching bedding and finishing. rhinolite skim plaster a gypsum plaster based product specially designed for a complete finish onto plasterboard. rhinolite projection plaster a lightweight gypsum plaster designed for application onto uneven (brick and concrete) backgrounds.【Get Price】

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if you live in an older home chances are you have ugly bumpy walls. for some unknown reason there used to be a time when plasterers thought it was the 'in' thing to give walls a textured finish. that might have been the then but now we live with bumpy walls where dust collects and it just looks ugly. but there is a way to smooth those bumpy walls.【Get Price】

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the one major sign of subsidence is the appearance of cracks in buildings and their walls caused by subsidence are normally of a diagonal nature. cracks appear in the plinth walls and floors; floors become uneven or are tilted; unexpected structural damage occurs; doors and windows do not open/close properly; gaps appear between frames and doors/windows; structure appears to lean to one direction more than expected; water starts to run in the wrong direction the sink or 【Get Price】

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tiling uneven surfaces. it is important both for appearance and for safety that the finished tile surface is flat with no tiles standing higher than the others. providing 'normal' tiling practices are followed this is straightforward on flat level substrates. if the substrate is however not flat then a number of problems can arise. there are a number of possible solutions depending on the condition of the substrate. a levelling compound will give a smooth surface but this does not help with 【Get Price】

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hide partners is a cape town based company specialising in flooring and walling solutions. we work with local manufacturers as well as import high quality european products allowing us to give you the best possible options for all your flooring and walling needs. we supply and wholesale both commercial and residential clients with a vast array of options. our product offering ranges from vinyl laminate engineered wood carpets synthetic grass wall panels and splashbacks.【Get Price】

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8 sep 2011 for a warm and cosy look in any room natural timber is always a favourite. tongue-and-groove boarding is easy to fit durable and comparatively inexpensive lending itself to many imaginative designs. not only does it look good but it is also the ideal solution for uneven and unsightly walls. many timbers can be used for interior decoration but the easiest to use are the tongue-and-groove variety that have interlocking joints machined along each side. these can be 【Get Price】

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wall stickers and wallpaper on rough walls. if you're unsure about wall stickers and wallpaper on rough walls – here is some info and answers for you. wall stickers. this is the official version about wall stickers rough walls: our guarantee refunds and returns policy does not apply to rough and textured walls (as per terms & conditions plus on every product page) – even replacement stickers will also not stick to a textured wall. our wall stickers aren't suitable for rough and 【Get Price】

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13 jul 2015 how to smooth out textured walls in old houses: textured walls tend to collect dust but fortunately you can cover up bumpy imperfections easily with these handy diy tips【Get Price】

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transform your walls with creative textured wall coatings. creative coating solutions are high quality coatings guaranteed to last more than 10 years - creative coating solutions is one of the largest wall coating manufacturers in south africa and is used by companies and individuals - we supply textured wall coatings to 100's of people monthly flexoplast comes in a rough or smooth texture (1.6 mm to 2.4 mm). it can be manufactured in any colour and is about 3 mm thick when 【Get Price】

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key facts. gypsum plasterboard with glass fibre strands and other additives in the core. application. used in gyproc partition wall lining and ceiling systems to give increased fire protection. board color. pink face paper brown reverse side paper. dealer locator. technical information. product matrix. thickness (mm) width (mm) length (mm) weight (kg). 12.5 1200 2700 34 text array array. 12.5 1200 3000 38 text array array. 12.5 1200 3600 45 text array array. 15 1200 【Get Price】

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rhinoboard can be used with the following products. rhinolite multipurpose gyproc offers a comprehensive range of lightweight gypsum plasters from base coat to finishing plasters. plaster rhinolite natural plus gyproc offers a comprehensive range of lightweight gypsum plasters from base coat to finishing plasters. rhinolite projection plaster a lightweight gypsum plaster designed for application onto uneven (brick and concrete) backgrounds. gyproc customer service toll free 【Get Price】

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key facts. accommodates services within the drywall cavity; lightweight alternative to traditional constructions; fire resistance up to 60 minutes; donn ultrasteel™ framework will not twist or warp; ability to achieve a smooth finish; can be painted wallpapered and tiled easier; corners and edges are straight and sharp; less material wastage cleaner site conditions; environmentally friendly products 【Get Price】

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20 jun 2013 how to cure damp in walls : many homeowners tend to paint over damp to fix the problem but it's important to find the source first before you can fix damp walls.【Get Price】

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gyproc rhinoglide is a smooth setting jointing compound and a quick setting drywall joint filler for patching bedding and finishing. this product has been developed specifically to assist the drywall contractor to complete the jointing on drywall jobs within one day. key facts. designed as a filler for plasterboard systems; can also be used as an interior crack filler and for filling rough plaster surfaces prior to painting. application. make sure that the gyproc rhinoglide is allowed to set 【Get Price】