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every deck surface no matter whether it's ipe treated wood or composite decking can hardly avoid at least some of possible outdoor effects. it's also necessary to clean or sand ipe wood surface a little before reapplying. i then apply super deck natural it seems to work fairly well do you have any other suggestions?【Get Price】

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ipe decking is heavier and more dense than most other woods. do not try to lift similar quantities of ipe decking compared to traditional softwoods. most domestic and imported dust is carcinogenic and can cause breathing problems. dust masks are recommended when cutting or sanding hardwoods. tools.【Get Price】

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apr 14 2015 a. you should be able to scuff-sand the spotted areas with 80-grit paper and re-apply penetrating oil. whenever you sand however be sure to remove sanding dust from the surface by vacuuming thoroughly or by tack-wiping the area with mineral spirits. otherwise the dust will mix with the finish creating a 【Get Price】

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nov 21 2017 decking products are not finished products when they come from the lumber yard. they are close but will require cleaning and possibly sanding before applying finish.【Get Price】

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oct 3 2007 planing on sanding my ipe deck this weekend . i have my new ridgid 5" ros. 1. what's the consensus on paper? 40? 50? 60? 70? 2. should i do one board full length at a time? or can i do a section at a time hitting multiple boards? 3. how many sandpaper discs should i expect to go through? 4 .【Get Price】

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compare our prices on ipe decking we can't be beat in the northwest. ipe decking. ipe is the pacific nw's best decking welcome to our ipe decking and accessories page. here you will find the listings for the various sizes of ipe we have in stock. we also tip: we recommend that you sand ipe before applying finish.【Get Price】

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jun 23 2014 dust free sanding is the only way to fly on mechanical (non-chemical) prep of ipe decking for oil. this video shows a festool ets150/5 orbital sander with du 【Get Price】

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how to stain ipe decking: make sure to choose a wood stain that is designed for dense wood such as ipe: ipe decking stains all of these stains are transparent but pigmented stains. . i am sanding my ipe 455 sq. ft. deck back to bare wood and considering applying a water based stain. i have been using australian 【Get Price】

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jun 6 2011 may your ipe deck finish be the one that shoves the whole neighborhood in the direction of wood snobbery. when you apply penetrating oil to softer woods you can lay it on heavily by brush and it will suck in. ipe will .. beau you can try but it is unlikely you will be able to sand much of the crown out.【Get Price】

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in this episode of the handyguys podcast the handyguys discuss ipe deck maintenance how to clean it and keep it looking awesome. ipe deck one quart bleach (if you do not have mold or algae you can reduce the amount of bleach). use a scrub brush on a after cleaning the deck you can sand any problem areas.【Get Price】

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here's a quick reel of some of the ipe deck project situations being addressed this season by paid members of we continue to be . also are there any circumstances where sanding ipe is ok or will sanding cause the ipe oil to surface and interfere with the absorption of the penofin marine oil? ~ thanks 【Get Price】