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cover soil depending on height of the deck. ok so if you have finished digging your holes and poured your footings and piers you are now ready to prepare the site for gravel or other finishing before you get right into the building phase. as you can see the deck site for this project was a simple as they come. the site had a very gentle slope so all that was required was to lay out landscaping fabric directly to the soil to prevent weeds from growing through and then covering it with 【Get Price】

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when a deck is built high above the ground the space underneath can provide storage or a shaded area to be landscaped into a relaxing retreat complete with a garden hammock. decks built only a few feet off the ground however leave insufficient sunlight for plants and inadequate room for storage. instead low decks create a barren area that becomes a mud puddle during the rainy season. you can prevent mud problems by properly preparing the ground beneath the deck.【Get Price】

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16 feb 2011 a lot of planning goes into constructing a deck beyond choosing your deck size and supplies. even if you choose to build your deck with high-quality weather-resistant materials the elements can impact and diminish the deck's quality over time if care is not also applied when preparing the deck site. certain ground coverings are better suited for use with decks than others. gravel background. credit: photodisc/photodisc/getty images. gravel helps maintain your 【Get Price】

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10 mar 2010 i plan to build low deck likes this one but many people i know told me that if i do on top of dirt later on wood under deck may be rot i see this clip up from 2010 so 4 years now do you have any problem with deck board rotten ?. read more. show less. reply 1 what will a 35 fee by 35 feet deck cost. at ground level. read more. show less you should rename this "building a deck on top of concrete/patio" it would get a lot more views. i 've been looking for a video like 【Get Price】

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21 feb 2013 preparing the site. if you are building your deck over grass or soil you will need to prepare the ground before you start. if the deck is going to sit on flat concrete or an area of paving slabs no footings or foundations will be needed but you may need to use some thin timber offcuts to pack out one or more of the corners to make it completely level. 1. using a tape measure and a handful of wooden pegs or stakes mark out the area of the deck on the ground. use the 【Get Price】

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22 jul 2006 i am planning on building a deck in the next few weeks but i am not sure what to do to prepare the ground. the deck will be resting on deck blocks which are concrete foundations desgined for a deck. with the deck being so low to the ground i want to do something to remove the weed/grass and keep them down. i have thought about using weed killer to just kill the weeds/grass or i thought i could just dig everything up then cover the ground in tarp or garden fabric.【Get Price】

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despite these variables most deck construction follows a basic sequence: preparing the site; installing the foundation; building the structural system; adding decking railings and stairs; and finishing the job with protective sealers stains or paints. while the methods soil near the foundation should be graded so that it slopes away from the house at a rate of about 6 vertical inches for every 3 horizontal feet. to suppress the bury the fabric under several inches of gravel. it¿s more 【Get Price】

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3 jul 2013 deck building highlights - part 1 - ledger board site prep and footings. i briefly show how my ledger board has been attached to the house how i've prepar【Get Price】

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planning preparation & execution. ground-level wood decks are typically not ground-level they rest on (or slightly under) the ground and are a "step up". by constructing the frame from non-rotting pressure treated lumber you don't have to worry about this deck ever needing repair due to mildew or fungus invasion! and choosing a non-rotting durable prefinished decking material such as composite decking will complete the circle giving you a virtually maintenance-free 【Get Price】

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18 dec 2009 how to build a deck. part 4 by q-deck -- preparing your site for decking. part 4 explains how to go about preparing your sit【Get Price】

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typically you will be required to submit plans of the proposed deck for review by an official. check with your building code office before constructing a deck. regulations regarding steps and railings are similar to those for staircases. if you are building a large or very high deck get professional advice on footing and lumber specifications. generally the higher the decking is off the ground the deeper the foundations need to be. for ground-level decking you will still need to go below 【Get Price】

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24 nov 2013 the only issue i have is where you say "standard practice" is that the decking is run in the longest direction of the deck i would always try to avoid butting deck boards so if i had one measurement 16" or less that was the direction the decking ran. i know it means more prep work with the framing and even sometimes headers below the joist but i think it's worth it in the finished product years later when jointless deckboards aren't popping up. .. read more. show less.【Get Price】