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deck staining. a fresh coat of stain helps restore and improve the look of your deck. staining protects the deck from sun and water damage. it also enhances the natural beauty of the wood showing off the wood's grain and unique characteristics. staining a deck is a fairly time-consuming process: it requires sanding the deck sweeping it covering nearby plants and shrubs cleaning the deck applying one to three coats of stain and waiting for the deck to dry. staining can certainly be a 【Get Price】

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cedar deck pros. look - cedar has rich color and a beautiful grain pattern that is unmatched by pressure-treated woods. if you prefer the look of natural wood cedar is the better choice. durability - cedar doesn't absorb moisture which leads cedar deck cons. maintenance - cedar decks require significant maintenance. to preserve the deck's natural color you'll have to clean and reseal it every two years. even then the color will fade over time. price - cedar can cost about twice 【Get Price】

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if using wood which most homeowners do you still must choose a species. pressure treated yellow pine is a popular and economical wood although it isn't as beautiful nor as durable as cedar or redwood. exotic species such as mahogany and ipe are also good decking choices but you can expect to pay more for them. no matter what type of wood you go with bear in mind that not only costs but also color grain pattern and maintenance requirements (i.e. staining and sealing) will 【Get Price】

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sealers typically protect against moisture but not uv rays; a sealed wood deck will begin gradually graying after about two months (particularly if the deck faces south in full sun) but without splitting warping cupping or cracking. decks should be resealed every one to two years. sealing a deck provides a more natural look than staining a deck which provides both moisture and uv protection but changes the color of the wood and may not let the natural grain show. typical costs:.【Get Price】

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most professionals recommend painting a weathered deck. wood stain is made up of pigment (the color medium) in a carrier with a binder (alkyd oil or resin) that binds the pigment to the wood. the binder makes it possible for the pigment to penetrate the small openings left as the wood dries. the result is a transparent tint that leaves the features of the surface such as the wood grain visible. all stains are not created equal. there are several types and each one has its own pros and 【Get Price】

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homeadvisor's deck sealing cost guide lists prices associated with sealing a wood deck including labor and materials as reported by homeadvisor customers. they clean up easily with soap and water making them very attractive to the diyer but they are less resistant to wear and tear from normal use than oil-based sealers. they can be harder to work with and . if you do it yourself be aware that improper use of either tool can raise the grain of the wood. many services 【Get Price】

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redwood has a distinct broad grain patterns that add visual appeal and ensure that every redwood deck is unique. redwood is fairly easy to maintain and can last 15 to 30 years with proper maintenance. redwood lumber hit an all-time high price in 2013 and the current average cost is $15 to $25 per square foot making this formerly common deck material less popular these days. the estimated total replacement cost is $9600 to $24000 for a 16-by-20-foot redwood deck.【Get Price】

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staining a deck protects it from mildew stains and damaging ultraviolet (uv) rays from sunlight. a sealer is a clear product that protects against moisture but not uv rays while a stain is tinted and provides both color and uv protection. there are three categories of stain: toner (the lightest amount of color) semi-transparent (some wood grain show through) and solid stain (no grain shows through). typical costs: do-it-yourself supplies can cost $20-$250 depending on type and quality 【Get Price】

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use a lower grit for the floor of your deck and a higher grit for railings. orbital sanders cost an average of $75. staining: when choosing a stain for your deck you'll need to select both a material and color. oil-based water-repellent stains tend to be the longest lasting and soak thoroughly into wood for a deep even stain. choose a semitransparent stain to let the original wood grain shine through. stains affect various wood species in different ways so be sure you understand how the 【Get Price】

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over time leaves mold dirt mildew and other substances can build up and make a deck ugly and slippery. both wood and composite decks need to be cleaned periodically; this can be done each spring or several times a year (depending on the amount and rapidity of the build-up). in some instances a distressed deck that appeared to need sealing or staining simply needed cleaning. typical costs: having a handyman other casual labor a power-washing business or a deck 【Get Price】

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natural wood is a go-to choice for deck construction because of its inherent beauty. the most common woods used for decking are: redwood - california softwood average price per square foot is $7.75 harder than oak and maple and very sturdy; consistently clear grain few knots or imperfections; seals and stains easily; very sustainable -- harvested every three to five years vs. every 15 to 20 years for many other woods; absorbs four times as much 【Get Price】

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cost of decking & lumber boards. once you determine what kind of decking materials you'll need to build the structure it's time to get down to price. while the average cost to build a deck averages between $4000 and $10000 that doesn't account for the materials. here is the average cost of each decking material broken down by average price range per board: cedar: $10 to $20; redwood: $5 to $20; southern yellow pine: $10 to $20; composite decking: $20 to $30 (**includes 【Get Price】

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deck staining vs. deck sealing. before you start making plans to stain and seal your deck it's important to point out the differences between the two. sealer is a product intended to protect a deck from its number one enemy: water. clear sealers have no color and allow the wood's natural grain and color to show. another option tinted sealer adds color to the wood but the grain will still be prominent. tinted sealers unlike clear sealers also offer protection from the sun's uv rays.【Get Price】