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clear grass or stone away from the bottom of the deck post. prod along the bottom of the post with a screwdriver or an awl. if the wood is spongy or pieces easily peel away you'll need to replace the post. start by nailing 2x4s or 2x6s together to use as temporary braces. place scrap wood on the ground for a pad within 3 ft.【Get Price】

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this "how to guide" is to show one possibility of reinforcing your deck so that it can properly support the added weight from your spa or hot tub. please keep in mind that my engineer recommended to add an additional joist to each of the existing joist on the deck where the spa would be sitting. he also recommended to 【Get Price】

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jul 8 2013 local codes were created to keep us safe and unfortunately many existing decks do not meet current safety codes. assuming you're using the correct-sized floor joists for your span the addition of corrosion resistant or stainless steel joist hangers or hurricane ties is an easy way to make your deck 【Get Price】

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sep 11 2011 the spa guy gives general information on how to reinforce a deck to keep the deck from sagging or even falling. it is very simple and you can buy the materials at your local lumber yard. in a where the deck is less than 4' off the ground you would need (4) pressure treated 4x4x8's and (4) pile on 【Get Price】

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repairing decking or joists - cut replacement deck board. attach the reinforcing joist to the ledger and header joist by toenailing with nails or screws. cut replacement deck boards from matching lumber using a circular saw. 7. clean deck wood. repairing decking or joists - clean deck wood. if the existing decking is gray 【Get Price】

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may 5 2012 i have an 12x24ft deck5/4 decking with 2x8 floor joists 16oc. i'm going to put a i also want want to add more floor joists in the hot tub area. what would be building and reinforcing a wood frame deck to support a hot tub has got to be one of the most common challenge a homeowner faces. we get this 【Get Price】

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dec 9 2010 reinforcing the deck requires solidifying existing columns or adding columns while installing additional support beams along the underside of the deck. tie a weighted string -- any string long enough to reach the ground with a heavy weight attached to it -- to the support beam directly above each hole.【Get Price】

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jan 25 2014 the footings and piers are reinforced and connected to each other with #4 rebar and the 4x4 posts are reinforced as shown with diagonal bracing. note the 12-inch on-center joist spacing and 3/4-inch pt plywood decking for the tub. for a ground-level tub we generally pour a 3 1/2-inch concrete slab but 【Get Price】

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sep 12 2013 double the posts. attach new 4×4 posts to the existing posts with structural screws. the new posts are cut to the height of the rim and rest on galvanized post bases anchored to the new footings reinforce the span. the single rim joist spans nearly 6 ft. between posts far greater than allowed for the deck 【Get Price】