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fiberglass ceramic vinyl liner and concrete pools comparison. pool materials. leaving out the cheapest above ground pools and the most expensive stainless steel pools the market offers following options: concrete (gunite) pools; vinyl liner pools; fiberglass pools; ceramic pools.【Get Price】

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may 8 2012 if you've done any planning for an inground swimming pool you know that there are myriad options to choose from. no one can say what the best inground pool is because it varies from person-to-person and home-to-home. all those options exist not only because homeowners have different budgets but【Get Price】

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aug 8 2012 the dog days of summer 2012 might make you wish you could relax in your own in-ground pool. if you've been thinking about getting an in-ground swimming pool now's the time to act. damaged liners can be fixed but it's best to pay extra for a heavy-duty liner that's at least 20 mm (millimeters) thick.【Get Price】

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if you've always wanted an in-ground swimming pool now may be the time. prices have fallen during the recession by up the 30 percent.【Get Price】

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mar 16 2018 if you want something cleaner and more reliable than a rock-and-mud swimming hole in your backyard and more permanent than an above-ground pool there are four main types of inground pools. while wood is a possibility the cost for one that would not deteriorate in a few years narrows the choices【Get Price】

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gunite. if you are installing a pool in your backyard there are many types to choose from. a popular choice is a gunite swimming pool because it is highly durable and it can be created in just about any shape. gunite pools use a rebar framework that is sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture. the method is【Get Price】

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you have been thinking about installing an inground pool but you just found out that there are different types of pools. so what are the types and which one would be best for you? well the answer really depends on what you want in a pool and what is most important to you.【Get Price】

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jun 30 2014 notwithstanding in order to make the most out of this experience it's important you understand what your options are and which type of pool will best suit your needs. even though we are one of the world's largest manufacturers of inground fibreglass pools here at leisure pools we've decided to give you【Get Price】

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learn which is best for you. over the past 30 years fiberglass inground pools have transformed from the typical white bathtub you'd find at a rental beach house to the elegant swimming pool designs however if you need a pool that's 10' deep or an ultra customized shape fiberglass probably isn't the best fit for you.【Get Price】

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well maybe their pool is the best in their mind. the truth is they all have advantages and disadvantage. lets look at the pros and cons of each. first we will look at the in ground vinyl liner pool. this type of pool is an economical way to get an in ground pool. when properly installed they can be quite nice. i have seen these【Get Price】