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ecoworks? marine products are marpol compliant and specifically formulated for the marine industry. no longer is it necessary to use hazardous marine maintenance products that can be detrimental to the aquatic environment in order to keep your boat looking clean and ship shape! the ecoworks? marine marpol 【Get Price】

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apr 17 2014 alternatively biocides can be bound up in much softer paint that wears away as the boat is used continually exposing fresh material. this category includes “ablative” paints which typically employ a single soft resin and controlled solubility copolymers or controlled depletion polymers with multiple resins 【Get Price】

does the eco-friendly superyacht exist? boat international

feb 4 2015 is calling a superyacht eco-friendly always an oxymoron? considering the fuel burned and sometimes less than sustainable materials used to build a yacht this is a question that is oft debated. yet there is a push trend or not towards more eco-friendly yacht building and cruising which begs the question: 【Get Price】

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exclusive use of sustainable materials. cnc quality process precise and efficient management of raw materials. iso npg gelcoat: high quality minimum maintenance required. c-yachts are built with carefully selected materials. rest waste is separated and used to produce green energy. regarding natural resources 【Get Price】

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jan 17 2012 “in the catamaran we use modified wood in a laminate with fiberglass and epoxy resins. in development we also have marine optimized fittings made of recycled pet plastics that yield an even higher weight to power ratio.” the choice of materials was made together with ecobuild. the following methods 【Get Price】

4 ways to make your boat eco friendly - us green technology

jan 19 2015 in many ways it seems as if spending time on a boat is one of the most eco-friendly things you can do. sailing a boat on the on regular diesel fuel. it used other eco-friendly materials such as vegetable oil lubricants hemp composites and non-toxic anti-fouling and had features such as bilge water filters.【Get Price】

plastic boat: the building of a high-tech eco-stunt wired

nov 16 2009 plastic boat: the building of a high-tech eco-stunt during a recent trip to pier 31 in san francisco where the boat was getting its finishing touches de rothschild waxed rhapsodically about the . if more of this new material gets used then plastiki can be seen as more than an eco-stunt.【Get Price】

wood environmentally friendly boat building lumber.

and it has properties which make it one of the most superb building materials known to man. however un-sustainably harvested lumber can be an ecological disaster. it is in the interests of everyone on this planet to make sure wherever possible that the wood and wood products that you buy and use are sustainably 【Get Price】

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collection program – include antifreeze paint thinner oil oil filters bilge water batteries gasoline fluids solvents and oily rags. keep used solvents separate from used oil. never mix different wastes. never pour hazardous materials down the drain on the ground or into the surface water. observe state and federal marine.【Get Price】

world's first plastic fishing company wants to rid the oceans of

apr 1 2016 thousands of discarded plastic bottles are repurposed into building materials for the company's boats and even bottle caps are used to create a he tells ecowatch that he not only envisions a world of plastic-free waters but also a world where people understand that everyday trash such as plastic bottles 【Get Price】

greenaval hybrid yacht brand with electric motor and aluminum

aluminium hybrid yacht series. greenaval yachts are a series of zero-emission electric driven silent aluminium hybrid yachts that are built from 100% recyclable material. created by naval yachts co greenaval yachts offer customers an attractive eco-friendly alternative to diesel cruising. currently available in 4 lengths 【Get Price】