how to lay wood floor under front gate

how to install flooring around a fireplace - home guides

push the flooring board into the gap under the fireplace surround. this works best if the fireplace surround is made the scribe mark with a jigsaw or bandsaw. fill the gap between the board and the fireplace with flexible sanded grout in a color that matches the grout of a brick fireplace or the flooring if the fireplace is wood. if the fireplace has a hearth or a slab in front then framing the space in front of the fireplace is the way to go. measure the front of hearth and add two 【Get Price】

how to install laminate flooring under metal thresholds home

whether your tile or vinyl floor is worn beyond repair or it's just time for a change one of the advantages of replacing it with laminate is that you don't need to remove it. laminate flooring floats which means it isn't attached to the subfloor and any flat level surface can serve as a subfloor. if the floor ends in a doorway with a metal threshold or it's next to a carpet held down by a metal carpet transition strip you'll have to remove the threshold or strip to get the new flooring 【Get Price】

the correct direction for laying floors home guides

while personal preference is a factor the direction in which you run flooring boards is governed by visual and structural guidelines. visual congruity usually requires the boards to run away from the main entrance of a room but structural integrity mandates that they run perpendicular to the floor joists. when installing a floor in an entire house the structural requirement may constrain you to maintain a certain direction throughout unless you fortify the subfloor.【Get Price】

laying laminate wood floor over tiles home guides sf gate

over the past couple of decades the laminate flooring industry has seen massive growth and product improvement. manufactured to resemble real wood tile or other materials laminate flooring is composed of layers of materials bonded under heat and intense pressure. today's laminate wood flooring choices look like solid wood but they're simpler to install and you can put them right over existing flooring material including tile.【Get Price】

how to install floating locking flooring home guides

lay a moisture barrier. although you can use plastic sheeting or tar paper foam padding will provide a cushion under the floor and make it easier to walk on. the individual sheets of plastic or padding should overlap by 6 inches and if the edges don't have adhesive use tape to join them.【Get Price】

how to put a wood floor on concrete home guides sf gate

homes built on concrete slabs are good candidates for solid wood flooring provided that the slab does not wick up too much moisture. humid conditions such as those found in basements eventually cause wood floors to buckle cup warp or crack because wood expands and contracts with changes in moisture levels. take a few extra steps and precautions before installing wood floors over a concrete slab.【Get Price】

how to install locking flooring near doorways home guides sf

floating floors made of or laminate use the tongue-and-groove style to link the boards and lock them into place to form a solid floor surface. the planks that fit under the doorjambs must be cut to fit around the corner formed by the doorway; a section must be cut out lengthwise but a section must be left at full width to wrap around the door frame. lay the plank in place beside the doorway and push it under the doorjamb locking it in place against the existing planks.【Get Price】

how to install wood flooring under doorways home guides sf

wood flooring is a durable appealing floor option that reduces the likelihood of allergens contaminating your home. if you plan to incorporate tongue-and-groove wood flooring into your real estate design you must consider transitional doorways. installing wood flooring into multiple rooms and running the wood under doorways requires specific installation procedures. wood flooring is a warm functional and long-lasting home improvement project that is usually worth the investment.【Get Price】

how to install laminate flooring under refrigerators home guides

when installing laminate flooring in kitchens that have a refrigerator many professionals lay the flooring up to the outer edges of the refrigerator alcove. the refrigerator is then rolled onto the new flooring and the laminate installed in the alcove. after it's installed the alcove is sealed to prevent moisture from seeping under the flooring in the event the refrigerator discharges water. installing laminate flooring under a refrigerator takes experience and the same tools used to install the bulk 【Get Price】

how to install a floating floor under jambs home guides sf gate

unlike the labor-intensive job of installing a traditional nailed-down wood floor floating floors fit together quickly and without the mess of sanding staining and sealing. there is also less commitment with a floating floor as the substrate is not disturbed. each section of flooring is ready to install straight from the box and ready to walk on soon after. when an obstacle such as a doorway is encountered use a couple of special techniques and then continue installing the floor the same as 【Get Price】

what are the disadvantages to putting laminate flooring over

leveling the subfloor is a necessary prerequisite for laminate installation but old concrete subfloors can be difficult to level. such floors can be full of irregularities such as sharp bumps or large shallow depressions and these irregularities can wreak havoc with a laminate floor. boards tend to separate if a bump or depression occurs under the joint between them and you'll be able to feel irregularities in the subfloor when you walk on the laminate surface. it's difficult to compensate for 【Get Price】

how to lay wood laminate floor around sinks & toilets home

laminate flooring comes in a wide range of designs and because it has a waterproof factory finish it's a good choice for a bathroom floor covering. installing laminate there means working around the toilet and the pedestal sink -- if you have one -- or the vanity cabinet. you should always remove porcelain fixtures and install the laminate floor underneath them and you may have to raise the toilet flange to compensate for the new flooring.【Get Price】

how to install wood floors under cabinets home guides sf gate

if there's something in your path when you're laying wood flooring -- including a cabinet -- you have to move it if you want to get the flooring underneath. in many cases away from you. push a dolly underneath the front toe kick then let the cabinet drop and hold it against the dolly while you wheel it away. if you're working around an appliance like a dishwasher insert plywood that is the same thickness as the flooring under the feet before you install flooring around it. this prevents 【Get Price】