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as wood deteriorates it cracks splits splinters and loses structural integrity. eventually your wooden fence or deck becomes an eye sore and will become more difficult to enjoy. the constant cycle of stripping painting or resealing fences and decks is time consuming difficult and inconvenient. the more you procrastinate 【Get Price】

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homewood offers a vast pallet of pleasing colors that more closely emulate the natural look and feel of wood. they will complement any building exterior without the exhausting upkeep and painful downfalls of natural wood. available in fence deck and rail profiles mix and match from our homewood colors to bring your 【Get Price】

vinyl decking shoreline vinyl

about gorilla deck. shoreline vinyl is proud to offer gorilla deck by homeland because of its exceptional quality. this vinyl decking will never rot split or decay and is impervious to insects and moisture. gorilla deck gorilla deck is available in a variety of colors that beautifully recreate the look of real wood. every vinyl 【Get Price】

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low maintenance vinyl decking doesn't crack or rot and our patented interlocking design helps your customer get more out of their purchase. find out more.【Get Price】

gorilla deck - homeland vinyl products

gorilla deck g3's low profile plank design (1-1/4”) makes it ideal for retrofitting existing wood decks. each plank measures six inches wide - similar to wood - and comes in lengths of 16 20 and 24 feet. its low profile and unique interlocking design make. gorilla deck g3 one of the easiest and fastest decks on the market to 【Get Price】

homeland vinyl - gorilla deck and gorilla lock - delta distributing

gorilla lock. if you are looking for the traditional look of a wood deck gorilla? lock decks (patent #6594961) have traditional gaps between boards for water drainage as well as state-of-the-art installation performance and appearance. if this feature is not right for your project try…【Get Price】

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vinyl rails that work. wood rails require lifetime maintenance to look their best. they may crack splinter and peel. combine the low maintenance of vinyl with beautiful colors and multiple style options you can create a unique look for any property that will last and last.【Get Price】