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dec 30 2014 made with ezvid free download at just a quick deck profile of my garden beat deck for 2015 i tried to make it as anti-metaish as possible i 【Get Price】

demise garden + deck list/profile - youtube

jan 14 2017 this deck mixes the standard demise cards with black garden. i used the empowered warriors and pumpkinprincess for the monsters. the reason i used the empowe 【Get Price】

pojo's yu-gi-oh card of the day black garden -

nov 6 2008 it actually doe snot really do anything for the current style of plant deck but it does kind of birth a new kind of beast. basically you force your opponent to play weakened versions of their monsters. i'll explain. garden halves the atk of every monster that is summoned outside of the effect of black garden 【Get Price】

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property field. text if a monster(s) is normal or special summoned except by the effect of "black garden": halve its atk also you special summon 1 "rose token" (plant-type/dark/level 2/atk 800/def 800) to its controller's opponent's side of the field in attack position. (this atk loss remains even if this card leaves 【Get Price】

black garden deck - youtube

jun 12 2015 ygo pro players suscribete a nuestro canal. date una vueta por nuestra pagina de facebook【Get Price】

card tips:black garden yu-gi-oh! fandom powered by wikia

this card may be useful in stall decks since it will weaken all opposing monsters and build a defensive line-up to endure their attacks. "stumbling" can further slow down the opponent's moves while also changing the tokens to defense position and avoiding any battle damage. this card works well with link monsters but 【Get Price】

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houkai/cubic - all the cards in one place - deck discussion and

apr 19 2016 black garden - since these guys have 0 original atk the halving won't matter. also since they are so reliant on battle destruction this can provide the fodder for them to run over. coth oasis powerful rebirth soul charge - for the infinite recurring of vijam and device duja. nearly all the houkai 【Get Price】

the organization casual deck strategy: token back the spotlight!

jun 15 2016 casual deck strategy: token back the spotlight! on the organization welcome to a new cds article and this time we will be discussing a the last category i will be discussing is the consistent generators such as void expansion or black garden. . as always the above list is just my personal build.【Get Price】

fenrir garden + deck list/profile - youtube

jan 9 2017 this is a lock deck using black garden and fenrir. basically how the deck works is you dump a bunch of water monsters in the grave with the frogs and nimbles then you can special fenrir once fenrir is on board you activate black garden then normal or special summon another monster this will give your 【Get Price】

deck profile: tyler nolan's black garden deck - yu-gi-oh!

apr 25 2010 if you've been with us all weekend then you probably remember tyler nolan from his round 3 feature match win in yesterday's coverage. nolan is playing an insightful and finely-tuned black garden deck this weekend halving his opponent's atk and then following up by walling up with high-def 【Get Price】

black garden horus + deck profile - youtube

mar 21 2016 alright so i got a request to use black garden with horus. now at first i had level 4 and level 8 in the deck but i realized they were counter productive with black garden so i dropped both of them and instead focused on level 6 because black garden has no effect on it. the deck you see in the profile is the best 【Get Price】

slifer garden + deck list/profile - youtube

sep 4 2016 alright i got a request to use slifer the sky dragon with black garden. deck pros: cutting a monsters attack in half is always good (black garden is my favor 【Get Price】

yu-gi-oh! 5d's tag force 4 signer deck list faq for psp by

oct 10 2009 for yu-gi-oh! 5d's tag force 4 on the psp signer deck list faq by dx123456. seed seed of flame x2 twilight rose knight x2 tytannial princess of camellias spells 14 black garden x2 foolish burial x2 fragrance storm x2 giant trunade miracle fertilizer x2 monster reborn mystical space typhoon 【Get Price】

yugioh black garden deck profile - youtube

jan 7 2014 a original deck i created in devpro i am pretty sure no one has used a deck like this or knows how good this deck is but i would like to show you guys. this 【Get Price】