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if you've ever wondered why a two by four doesn't actually measure two inches by four inches or what the grading stamp b&btr means you're probably not softwood lumber is stamped at the mill to indicate how it has been dried though the actual moisture content may differ if it has become wet or has been treated after 【Get Price】

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softwood grades. softwoods are divided into two categories: dimensional lumber with a grade based on strength and appearance boards which are typically used for woodworking projects. grades listed here are treated lumber is produced for exterior use only and pressure treated for ground or above ground contact.【Get Price】

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preservative-treated wood is wood which has been surface coated (non-pressure treated wood) where the application of preservative is by brushing spraying or dipping the piece) or impregnated by means of pressure with chemicals (pressure treated wood) which improve resistance to damage from decay and insect 【Get Price】

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canadian engineered wood products stocks various grades of lumber incl. appearance grade #2 & btr osb as well as a number of msr and finger joint products. our products. truss lumber & webstock; industrial & specialty products; pressure treated lumber; visual grading 【Get Price】 pressure treated wood

pressure treated lumber is ideal for outdoor construction as it has a long useful life span and is much less expensive than alternatives. treated wood this can cause significant twisting cupping bowing and warping especially in lower grade boards where knots and uneven grains are already present. it is possible that 【Get Price】

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sep 1 2012 it may seem pressure-treated wood has been around forever. some may view it as an old product with very little if any innovation. while the former statement may have some element of truth the latter is far from accurate. treated wood products in some form or fashion have been around for millenia.【Get Price】

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although deeper penetration is highly desirable the impermeable nature of dead wood cells makes it extremely difficult to achieve anything more than a thin shell of treated wood. key results of the pressure-treating process are the amount of preservative impregnated into the wood (called retention) and the depth of 【Get Price】

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western red cedar also offers a wide range of lumber dimensions surface textures and grades so it works in many different applications. international association of certified home inspectors: lumber grade stamps pressure-treated softwood lumber includes southern pine ponderosa pine douglas fir and hem-fir.【Get Price】

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with the introduction of micropro treated wood to the canadian market this spring some are saying that we have a game change in exterior wood and building decks. it has taken several years to get this technology adapted to canadian species wood and then through the canadian approvals process; during this time it has 【Get Price】

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apart from structural wood preservation measures there are a number of different (chemical) preservatives and processes (also known as timber treatment lumber treatment or pressure treatment) that can extend the life of wood timber wood structures or engineered wood. these generally increase the durability and 【Get Price】