how to install exterior door over vinyl flooring

installing tile over vinyl flooring on wood or concrete subfloors

danny lipford: marsha asks “can i lay a ceramic tile floor over a vinyl floor?” yes you can and we did that very thing on this tile floor just a couple of years ago. but because this house is on a wood subfloor we had to do a little work to prepare the surface and that entailed installing half-inch cement backer board. we first 【Get Price】

how to install vinyl flooring - builddirect

check out these steps for installing your vinyl plank flooring. remember to stagger board lengths. trim and molding?: after your floor is set (you've cut pieces to fit in the remaining spots and each board is in place) you can return door jams and molding to their original places. doing this last gives the room a finished look.【Get Price】

how to lay tile over an existing vinyl floor today's homeowner

here's how to go about tiling a floor over vinyl flooring: check floor: examine the floor to make sure the subfloor is sound firm and flat with little or no bounce or movement. remove molding: remove any doors quarter round molding and/or baseboards from the room. cut cement backer board: cut pieces of cement 【Get Price】

how to install vinyl flooring how-tos diy has instructions for installing a vinyl floor. to trim a door frame so that the vinyl flooring will fit nicely take a scrap piece of the flooring that is going to be installed and lay it down next to the door frame. using a handsaw turn it on its side and flat to the floor. for an outside corner make straight relief cuts.【Get Price】

front steel door will hit new tile floor; alternatives examined

i want to install tile inside the front door of my house. i have an ugly square of linoleum there now. when the tile installer came to look at the job he said that i couldn't install tile because the bottom of the door would hit the tile after he installed some new plywood and the tile. the door is steel and he said it can't be cut.【Get Price】

install sheet vinyl flooring - lowe's

use this helpful how-to guide for installing sheet vinyl flooring. learn what to fix the doorframe cut through the bottom edges of the door moulding to allow space for the new underlayment to slide underneath. use a small if you plan on trimming and fitting rather than using a template add 3 inches along the outside.【Get Price】

cutting off doors for new flooring - extreme how to

jul 30 2010 if you are on a new hard surface like tile wood or vinyl and you can't get the door on the hinges because it is too high on the new flooring put the door as if you decide to cut off an exterior door make sure you have a plan for sealing the bottom of the door against the threshold when the door is closed.【Get Price】

how to install a laminate floor to a front door hunker

jan 6 2010 when you're installing a laminate floor finishing the floor to other areas such as adjoining rooms and outside doors is a vital part of the installation process. if a laminate you'll be relieved to learn there's a particular process for installing a laminate floor to a front door and it's not too complicated to do.【Get Price】