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7 jan 2016 humidity is the single biggest contributing factor to floor gaps. in the summer months with windows open and more humid air throughout your home floor can start to expand. conversely heating your home in the winter makes air dryer which causes wood to shrink. so changing humidity levels naturally leads to gaps. assuming your hvac is working properly you won't see major gapping. what you will see is some seasonal gapping from things like 【Get Price】

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16 jan 2015 don't worry about seasonal expansion and contraction in your flooring. if the gaps close up in the summer and open in the winter it's not a defect unless the gaps are excessive. and that depends on a whole range of factors including the species of wood the width of the planks the location and the type of installation. if you think the gaping is getting worse or there is noticeable cupping (when the edges of the boards are higher than the center) or crowning 【Get Price】

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24 jan 2014 during the winter months you may notice that slight gaps begin to appear between the boards of your floor. aside from being unsightly this can make them harder to keep clean (since dust and dirt collect between the boards). they may also squeak more as the boards move against each other and their nails with the extra play they have. these gaps will disappear just as mysteriously when the weather gets warmer. although there is nothing to worry about 【Get Price】

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maple hardwood. gaps cracks. the most common wood species we hear complaints about with gapping and cracks is maple. below are summaries of questions we've fielded over the years. questions from our readers: winter in chicago. question: we had a beautiful maple floor installed in july of this year. now that he weather has turned maple floor gaps colder here in chicagoland the floor looks awful! there are gaps everywhere and some boards are beginning to split.【Get Price】

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16 nov 2010 photo of gaps in wood flooring during the winter even the most carefully installed wood floors tend to dry out and shrink. customers begin to notice gaps between boards and the phone calls begin. the floor behaves that way because of wood's relationship with moisture in the air (there's no accounting for how the customers behave although educating them about gaps beforehand can help—more on that later). air with a low moisture content or low relative humidity 【Get Price】

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one such law: when wood loses moisture it shrinks. in the winter the relative humidity in the air drops; the air loses moisture. this causes the wood to also lose moisture which causes it to shrink resulting in gaps or “cracks” between boards. chances are good that as temperatures drop customers will start picking up their phones to call about cracks and squeaking in their wood floors. you can reduce the number of these calls by educating your customers about the nature of wood 【Get Price】

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28 apr 2014 when winter hits customers will start to notice small gaps in their floor in a few places. it may seem like the floor installation was done wrong but the truth is even the tightest floor can potentially gap in boise idaho. a gap that is acceptable to the wood flooring association is about a dime width. the cause for these gaps is the lack of moisture in the air. when the air has such a low moisture content the hardwood's moisture is sucked out of the flooring.【Get Price】

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29 jan 2016 january 29 2016. a common issue with flooring is gaps and separations between planks. flooring is a natural product that is affected by variations in temperature and humidity. during warm humid summers absorbs moisture and expands. conversely dry winter weather causes to lose moisture and contract. gaps and separations often concern homeowners but this seasonal movement is completely normal. however there 【Get Price】

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during the winter gaps may appear in your floor as the humidity drops below 30%. here's why the gaps appear and what you should know.【Get Price】

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16 mar 2016 wow what a winter!!! i don't know about you but my furnace was running non-stop. with the cold weather it had to work overtime just to keep up. that was a common refrain throughout our region last winter with cold weather that was around for weeks and weeks. during those chilly months did you notice gaps in your wood trim? open joints in your wood floors where everything was really tight the summer before? did your crown molding have gaps at the ceiling and 【Get Price】

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21 jun 2013 got gaps? one of the most common complaints with wood flooring is gapping or separations between edges of flooring pieces. board shrinkage is indicative of an indoor humidity imbalance. all the wood in your home will expand or contract as moisture in the air changes. doors and windows may swell and stick during rainy seasons. in dry cold weather cracks and fine lines of separation may appear in cabinets and furniture. your wood flooring reacts in the same 【Get Price】

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winter is a period when you can spot slight gaps appearing in your flooring between individual boards. they influence the general condition of your floor which doesn't look that attractive. it also makes it more difficult for you to keep the floor clean as dirt can accumulate in those gaps.【Get Price】

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7 nov 2017 when the weather starts to cool down the air typically gets cold and dry. this will have an effect on your floors. your floors will shrink crack and gap unless you take preventative measures to keep the moisture levels up. when the air dries so does your floors and if you don't notice it in time you will start feeling a draft coming up from between your floor boards. now this time in the fall before the winter season starts officially rolling in is when you 【Get Price】

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the weather can wreak havoc on more than the exterior of your home. as the humidity rises and falls it's common for gaps to form and appear in floors. gaps are caused by the wood expanding and compressing. takes on and loses moisture as the temperatures and the humidity rises and falls. it may take years for gaps to show up in your floors so whether your floors may be newly installed or you've had floors for years you can reduce the 【Get Price】

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the winter months can do a number on your floors. here's how to prevent that from happening. protecting your floors from snow salt and ice. the winter months bring holiday cheer. but in most areas winter also means cold weather snow and damage to wood floors. scratches from snow-melting materials and flooring gaps are some of the biggest problems that people with floors have to worry about. free ad. but homeowners aren't the only ones who have to 【Get Price】