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leslie: ellen in new york is on the line and has a flooring question. what are you working on? ellen: it's a sub-basement and it has a cement floor. and years ago i – the floor is really – the cement was poured new about 15 years ago. and i put a 12-inch vinyl flooring on top. it's still there and in really good condition but i want to put something to warm up the area. and i was thinking of maybe an engineered-wood floor? so two questions: one do i have to take up the tile and two 【Get Price】

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existing floor requirements. a. always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for installation over existing flooring. b. glue-down parquet applications that require the use of pva adhesives are not recommended over existing sheet vinyl or vinyl and cork tile flooring unless an underlayment is put down first. underlayment should be in accordance with adhesive and/or flooring manufacturer's recommendations. c. particleboard is not generally an acceptable underlayment 【Get Price】

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a floor can provide your home with a traditional feeling. the grain patterns inside the wood and the stain applied to the surface may help make your home more attractive. if installing a this is a type of floor consisting of engineered wooden planks that are covered in a laminate finish with a wood-grain pattern. it's called a floating floor because instead of to the laminate floor. cut the foam with a utility knife and join separate pieces by placing duct tape over the seams.【Get Price】

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if the linoleum is bubbled warped curling or lifting it must either be repaired or replaced before you install the new floor. in some cases the linoleum must first be covered with another product. for example a thin layer of leveling compound may be applied over the linoleum to smooth out a textured surface. otherwise after you apply thin flexible flooring like vinyl or new linoleum the texture underneath will be visible. a thin backer board may be placed between textured linoleum and 【Get Price】

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but if you have a weak subfloor that flexes up and down when walked on i would recommend adding an additional layer of 3/8" or 1/2" thick plywood underlayment glued and screwed down over the weaker subfloor will add stability. installing thinner wood flooring over an already weak or thin subfloor may cause the whole floor system to flex up and down when walked on. most engineered wood floors can also be installed using the floating method. laminate flooring which can only 【Get Price】

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yep it's actually pretty easy. for the most part it'll peel up you just need a good scraper (available at in the flooring tools aisle) to get up the stuck down parts. don't worry about getting all the glue up just get the majority of the chunks up so that the floor is smooth.【Get Price】

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22 jun 2017 the one requirement all they share is that the existing linoleum must be securely attached to subfloor many flooring choices can laid directly over your old vinyl flooring almost manufacturers state you install any new floor on a lay type of. tile over linoleum? bathroom floor diy new vinyl flooring old flooring? home improvement. ceramic tile over linoleum floor groutless peel and stick kitchen flooring how to install a sheet vinyl can you linoleum? articles networx.【Get Price】

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24 feb 2016 my condo's prior owner put down engineered floors and they are not aging well. they don't have that hollow sound when you walk on them luckily but to address this desired upgrade i am looking at cost-effective ideas. is it possible to install vinyl flooring (either roll/sheet or peel-n-sti【Get Price】

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installing floors over vinyl and vct. installing over vinyl. “sure you can install that new bruce over the old vinyl flooring” big box store suggestion. “yes and noit depends.” experienced hardwood over vinyl kitchen floor installer. what's the real scoop? for any successful installation over older vinyl flooring a few key ingredients have to be satisfied. the most critical is the condition of the vinyl floor. considering there are two types i'll look at both.【Get Price】

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12 jul 2007 removing an old floor can be expensive and it often makes sense to install a new floor on top of the existing one. mark commander of molyneaux tile carpet w【Get Price】

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17 sep 2014 learn how to glue or staple down engineered or laminate floors over a concrete subfloor with this how-to video. find more installation details here:【Get Price】