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health and environmental benefits of green cleaning products. protecting our children teachers school workers and the environment. compiled by environmental working group and regional asthma management and prevention. one in five californians spend their day at school including students teachers and【Get Price】

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green cleaning is arguably the no. 1 trend in our industry and is showing no signs of slowing down. stated simply green cleaning is truly a marketplace phenomenon that is being driven by customer demand and the overall trending of the broad marketplace for environmentally preferable products and services.【Get Price】

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1 out of every 3 chemical cleaning products contains ingredients known to cause human health or environmental problems1. ? commercial cleaning companies are under no legal obligation to research how their products might harm human health. ? the epa ranks poor indoor air quality among the top five environmental【Get Price】

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mar 29 2016 can marketers persuade mainstream consumers to buy eco-friendly cleaning products? it's been a real challenge for mass brands like clorox arm & hammer and windex in recent years. after growing at a rapid pace through 2010 the market for green household cleaners and laundry products declined at【Get Price】

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special offer: now 20% off original full report price. green household cleaning products in the u.s. 3rd edition. the u.s. household cleaning industry grew at a blistering pace between 2007 and 2010 cooled off and declined from 2010 to 2014 at a compound annual growth rate (cagr) of 2%. packaged facts' report【Get Price】

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also must differentiate through secondary attributes that appeal to salient trends like natural ecofriendly offerings and single-dosage packaging. convenience is also a key benefit that has driven many recent product successes. ? some everyday household products have strong regional appeal for cleaning purposes.【Get Price】

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aug 25 2017 the average household spent about $155.82 on laundry and cleaning supplies in 2015 according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics. that's about $13 a month. but annie pryor a mother of three said she spends about $4 and change on cleaning products — primarily hydrogen peroxide and white【Get Price】

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the problems. personal health. when consumers buy commercial cleaning products we expect them to do one thing: clean! we use a wide array of scents soaps detergents bleaching agents softeners scourers polishes and specialized cleaners for bathrooms glass drains and ovens to keep our homes sparkling【Get Price】

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may 24 2010 new york ny--(marketwire - may 24 2010) - with more consumers interested in adopting a "green" lifestyle the marketplace for socially responsible sustainable ethical and eco-friendly products is primed for innovation after holding its own during the recession according to "green" household【Get Price】

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the non-toxic method of green cleaning. in the world of cleaning products there are only a few companies that take the trouble to think about the environment. cleaning products are a voluminous source of toxic materials non-bio-degradable wastes and harmful chemicals. some companies however are taking their【Get Price】

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this smithers apex market report provides data and five-year forecasts for the sustainable green cleaning products market to 2017. other data sources included published literature and statistics in-house market and technology reports conference presentations company information and industry associations. find out【Get Price】

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in spring 2017 the number of people who said they buy eco-friendly household cleaning products amounted to 51.38 million. number of people who buy eco-friendly household cleaning products in the united states from autumn 2010 to spring 2017 (in millions) . statistics on "cleaning products industry in the u.s.".【Get Price】

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jun 25 2014 while industry numbers don't yet exist stephen ashkin executive director of the green cleaning network a non-profit working with corporations to green the cleaning industry estimates that based on his client research and surveys 30% to 50% of corporations and institutions across the us now clean【Get Price】

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cleaning chemicals linked to asthma and reproductive harm. monoethanolamine (mea) is a surfactant found in some laundry detergents all-purpose cleaners and floor cleaners and statistics are difficult to obtain the following figures help demonstrate the volatile organic compounds (vocs) asthmagens and other toxic.【Get Price】

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ewg's tests of cleaning products used in california schools detected formaldehyde in comet pine-sol and simple green cleaning products. . though americans are aware of the acute toxicity of some cleaning supplies statistics on hospital visits and poison control calls make clear that accidents with cleaning supplies【Get Price】

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apr 28 2009 thank you to cynthia latham vp of research and development for this very compelling and wonderfully sourced data. ms. latham was responsible for helping our company become the first climate neutral certified company in 2000 to offset 100% of c02 production. since 1950 at least 70000 new【Get Price】

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sep 9 2015 for me this documentary and those statistics hit very close to home. my family was convinced that those chemicals made her sick and it was the reason i started an eco-friendly cleaning company. and it is the reason i click here for 5 things you should consider when hiring a green cleaning company.【Get Price】

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eco friendly home cleaning products. did you know? not all countries legally require commercial cleaning companies to test their products for human safety; one epa study confirmed that the toxicity of household cleaners are 3x more liable to cause cancer than external pollution; 70% of american streams were found to【Get Price】

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some facts and statistics: according to health canada canadians spend an average of 90% of their time inside. indoor air at home is potentially 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. each year the average canadian family consumes anywhere from 20 to 40 litres of toxic cleaning products. according to the cancer【Get Price】

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discover all statistics and data on cleaning products industry in the u.s. now on!【Get Price】