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11 feb 2015 hey guys i was a landscaper for a while but never worked in small yards. now i have moved into a terrace we have a concrete panel fence with concrete floors. it is private rented so unable to bore holes into the concrete for posts or drill holes into the panels. so wondering how would i attach a pl【Get Price】

titan post anchor - wood posts install fast easy & code compliant

at last a better looking easy to install code compliant wood post anchor solution. now with the titan post anchor™ you can enjoy the beauty of wood posts without big unsightly ugly anchoring brackets on more surfaces than ever before. wood; composite; concrete; stone. wood posts will last longer because they stay higher and drier. no more notching decking around posts or tricky carpentry necessary. and even better they will be residentially code compliant at 6' and 8' post 【Get Price】

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12 nov 2007 i am istalling a 6 ft. vinyl fence around my pool area. i am also pouring new concrete around much of the area so i will be able to sink the majority of the post in the new concrete. there will be a few places where i'll have to mount the posts to the existing concrete. i was wandering if anyone had a good method of securing a 4x4 treated post to concrete. i will be putting a 4x4 vinyl sleeve over the 4x4 treated post. i am aware of the bracket that you fasten to the concrete 【Get Price】

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solve concrete fastening issues with our favorite concrete anchors. learn how to install light-duty medium-duty heavy-duty fasteners and masonry screws.【Get Price】

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25 jun 2007 tim carter of demonstrates a really simple way to nail wood to a concrete floor. sign up now for tim's free weekly newsletter at: 【Get Price】

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minimize masonry fastening. fastening to masonry isn't all that difficult but fastening to wood is easier; that's why we attach drywall to furring strips instead of directly to concrete walls. for projects that require a bunch of fasteners like a column of shelving install strips of pressure-treated wood with a couple of fasteners and attach the shelf brackets to that. you'll save the expense and drudgery of all those extra masonry fasteners. plastic anchors 【Get Price】

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8 feb 2013 like us on facebook! how to install concrete to attach timber / wood to concrete or any other solid masonry surface using dynabolts. dynabolts are the ideal anchor for attaching almost anything to solid masonry such as concrete. this video will look at attaching timber to a concrete floor. the tools you'll need are: hearing protection dust mask. goggles. bike pump (to remove the concrete dust from inside the 【Get Price】

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26 jan 2015 i built a deck at the rear and below it is a concrete patio. is there a minimum anchor type that i need to anchor the posts down onto the concrete slab below? here's a picture of what i have. my contractor did this and i think that it is insufficiently anchored. what do you think?" here's andy's deck post. see the tiny l-bracket on the right side of the post? photo credit: andrew binosa. bwahahahahahaahahahaahahaaahahaah! i think your contractor is an idiot.【Get Price】

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29 oct 2013 fastening to concrete looks difficult but with the proper tools and techniques it's a snap.【Get Price】

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21 jun 2017 1 rack-mounting bolt 7 leveling foot. 2 thin washer 8 lower plastic isolator bushing (used only on dc-powered systems). 3 top plastic isolator bushing 9 mounting plate. 4 thick washer 10 threaded hole (used to secure the rack to mounting plate.) 5 spacer 11 anchor bolt hole. 6 jam nut 12 traced pattern (use the mounting plate as a template to be trace onto the floor) 【Get Price】

fixing to masonry walls using plastic wall plugs and chemical

advice on attaching things to masonry walls including brick stone and block walls or concrete walls and floors using plastic wall plugs and chemical anchor resins. help when you are fixing things to walls including tutorials on drilling into .. the forum is used by thousands of home improvers and tradesmen so you are sure to find the answer and you can always post you own question on there once you have registered. all project content written and produced by mike edwards.【Get Price】

how to install a custom vinyl porch railing

use a steel post plate mounting system to attach your vinyl porch railing to a concrete floor. attach the first post to the house wall with the mounting brackets one near the top rail and one just above the baluster rail baseline. set the base plate under the post. mark the spots where the 4 anchor bolts will hold each post. drill 4 1/2 inch bolt holes 3-1/4 inch deep each into the concrete surface. put together the bolt with its securing nut on top of each hole. set the steel post into the base 【Get Price】

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5 apr 2012 1. atomicbrain94017 months ago. you can't do it. boy you can't do this.on concrete.. read more. show less. reply 1. michelle sykes11 months ago. how much spacing should you have between each one for a two ft fence please. read more. show less. reply 1. loading view reply. view reply. hide replies. alan rose1 year ago. very nice. read more. show less. reply 1. connie masters2 years ago. will this work with chain link fence posts?. read more.【Get Price】

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8 feb 2013 how to attach timber / wood to concrete or any other solid masonry surface using masonry anchors / dynabolts. dynabolts (that's the name for this video will look at attaching timber to a concrete floor. the tools you'll need you don't want to drill any deeper than that other wise you will penetrate right through the slab and the plasic barrier beneath the slab which can lead to moisture drawing up through the hole in the plastic and concrete. anyway once you've 【Get Price】

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holes for concrete screws should be at least 1/4 in. deeper than the screw will penetrate to allow a little extra space for dust accumulation from the drilling process. see the illustration above. the 3/16-in. diameter screws are plenty strong for most home tasks like installing furring strips screwing down walls to concrete floors and attaching hardware to block or brick. and since they're a little . where most people mess up is in thinking they can use plastic anchors. uh no. at the very 【Get Price】