dog peeing on deck in winter

pooping on the deck in the snow! (walk ears allowed) - dogs

so i'm not allowed to make them go down off the deck to poo on the ground or i'm violating their civil rights or something. even though i shoveled them a nice little path in the back yard. oh it's apparently okay to pee on the deck too. hmmm. anyone else have this problem? we've had a few snowstorms 【Get Price】

eco friendly ways to stop your dog peeing or pooping on a spot

aug 18 2016 if you want to stop your dog peeing or pooping where it's not wanted read on for our top eco friendly diy tips on poop & pee prevention outdoors. this is not such an issue except that the one favored spot he has chosen on our paved yard (especially in rainy winter months) is the covered area right 【Get Price】

teaching your dog to use an porch potty - kol's notes

oct 23 2013 the thing is that back at the house we put a lot of work into teaching the dogs they couldn't pee on the deck. felix hates getting wet and in the winter he would hide behind the bbq and pee rather than venture out into the yard. we worked hard to not only teach them to pee only on the grass i even taught 【Get Price】

will dog pee stain a deck? - straight dope message board

nov 30 2011 the pee will burn right through the snow unless it's really deep .and yes dog pee will stain an unsealed wood deck. maybe not the first time but if your dog tends to go in the same spot for an entire winter it seems to act like a mild bleach. my small female dog does the same thing - when it's really cold or 【Get Price】

dog pee on 3rd floor outside deck ?? what would you do - yelp

on the other hand our other neighbor who owns a chihuahua is letting her little dog pee on the back deck outside all of our apartments in the snow/ice. this is on the third floor so when all of picking the poop up? might try the salt. hoping this is not going to be a constant thing; it's already going to be along winter!!【Get Price】

how to effectively rid your deck of pet odorsleisure time decks

oct 6 2014 the best-behaved dog may even find the idea of an outdoor living area confusing so you're not alone if your dog goes out on the deck. we do have a few ideas to clean pet repeated potty incidents can lead to staining and make your wooden deck smell of urine and feces. most people do not know the 【Get Price】

maintain your decks: dogs “peeing” on decks because of snow

feb 5 2014 too much snow? maintain your deck and avoid problems of having your pets “pee” on them! the old adage “don't eat yellow snow” should be don't leave yellow snow on your deck! the snow keeps falling your deck and outdoor living space keeps piling up high with snow. no where for your pets to go.【Get Price】

what repellent can i put on my deck to keep my dog from using

may 24 2011 mix a solution of vinegar and lemon juice and spray it on the deck or soak cotton balls with the mixture and place them in strategic spots around the deck. the strong scent will repel the dog and will also mask any old urine odor that draws it to the deck. however the sour smell on the deck may be too strong 【Get Price】

solutions for dogs when it's too rainy or cold to pee outside dog

you put on a coat and shoes before going outside in the cold so why can't your dog? during cold rainy weather dogs -- especially thin-skinned dogs -- will appreciate a warm sweater or raincoat when they're taken outside to go potty. booties can help keep your pet companion's paws dry and clean and during winter they 【Get Price】

big potty area on deck for dogs. add some stones for walking path

big potty area on deck for dogs. add some stones for walking path · indoor dog pottyindoor dog areaporch pottyindoor dog kennelsdog peedog picturesdog treatsbalcony for dogsfake grass for dogs 【Get Price】