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concrete hollow core floor slabs. hollow core floor slabs. hollow core slabs are precast pre-stressed concrete elements that are generally used for flooring for both commercial buildings and homes. some of there advantages are as follows: long spans no propping; flexible in design; fast construction; light weight structures; floor voids and pentrations are available; trimmer beams can also be used. the concrete hollowcore slabs have between four and six longitudinal cores 【Get Price】

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termodeck® is an energy efficient heating cooling and ventilation system that uses the high thermal mass of structural hollow-core flooring slabs to manage the surface temperatures and flows of air within a space. here the temperature and energy retained in the building structure is actively controlled. by fan assisting air distribution termodeck® is an effective way of maintaining comfortable and stable temperatures and ultimately results in lower overall energy consumption and 【Get Price】

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hollowcore concrete flooring. concrete flooring is one of the key elements of a secure investment in any building contributing to the structure's safety durability and thermal performance. having introduced our first hollowcore floor slab in 2001 spanwright now offer a wide variety of depths in both reinforced and prestressed hollowcore concrete floor units. fast installation and reduced time and associated site risks make precast concrete flooring the obvious choice for residential 【Get Price】

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for the first time in no rth america concrete floors. h a ve been used on a large scale in single-family. h o u s e s. to ronto developer j.d.s. in ve s t m e n t s. limited started using a precast hollow - c o re slab floor system in apartment construction because it was fast and simple to erect even in fre ezing we a t h e r. after this favorable experience it was only natural to take the same method into single-family homes as a “no extra. c h a rg e” improvement over conventional wood joist.【Get Price】

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noise barriers. mini slabs. precast concrete melbourne. hollow core concrete pty. ltd. designs and manufactures both reflective & absorptive noise barriers. sound trap<sup>®</sup> being one of them. sound trap<sup>®</sup> is an open cellular low density cementitious non-structural material. it absorbs instead of reflects noise and is ideal for projects like noise abatement on freeways and general transport applications. hollow core first produced the product in 1998 for the melbourne city link project.【Get Price】

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this makes the slab much lighter than other floor slabs of equal thickness or strength. reduced weight lowers transportation costs and saves on the cost of material (concrete). they are typically used in the construction of upper floors in apartments/flats commercial buildings and larger houses. milbank hollowcore floors are available as 150mm 200mm and 250mm deep units. they are produced as standard 1200mm wide units (although different shapes and widths are also produced&nbsp;【Get Price】

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31 aug 2017 our manufacturing technology of pre-stressed hollowcore floor slabs gives many advantages unachievable in traditional manufacturing process.【Get Price】

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the northern stand melbourne cricket ground (mcg). the northern stand was completed in 2006. hollow core provided all of the precast seating units the suspended slabs beams columns and precast panels. hollow core floor slabs. the great southern stand melbourne cricket ground. the great southern stand project was completed in 1992. we provided all precast shell beams stairs and flat slabs for this project which was manufactured over a nine month period. hollow&nbsp;【Get Price】

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the company manufactures a large range of hollowcore concrete floor depths - 85mm 90mm 100m 110mm 150mm 200mm 250mm 300mm 320mm 350mm 400mm 420mm 450mm & 500mm (other bespoke depths can be manufactured subject to project size). creagh concrete provides cast in lifting pins factory formed weep holes notches open cores reduced end/shelf angle details and cantilever details. slabs can be designed ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hour fire rated as&nbsp;【Get Price】

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most efficient building solution. the very first piece of precast prestressed concrete was produced by spancrete in 1946. spancrete hollowcore is still as effective and efficient as a building solution today as it was when our first plank was cast over 60 years ago. no other building system accommodates creativity and practicality like spancrete hollowcore floor and roof building systems. custom made components are manufactured and delivered to the job site ready to erect.【Get Price】

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penetrations and floor voids. penetrations and floor voids can be designed for and incorporated within the hollow core slabs. larger mechanical duct penetrations can be provided for within the slabs as they are delivered to site. smaller service pipe penetrations are generally located and made after the slabs are in place. if larger penetrations are required trimmer beams may be used for further information see trimmer beams. the penetration widths depend on the position of the&nbsp;【Get Price】

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utilising the thermal mass of a building is a very effective way of maintaining comfortable and stable temperatures. termodeck is a fan-assisted heating cooling and ventilation system that uses the high thermal mass of structural hollowcore floor slabs through which warmed or cooled fresh air is distributed. the supply air passes through the hollow cores at low velocities allowing prolonged contact between the air and the slabs. this enables the slabs to behave as passive heat&nbsp;【Get Price】

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hollow core precast slabs. hollow core slabs are precast prestressed concrete elements that are generally used for flooring. advantages are as follows: rapid construction; flexible in design; durability; light weight structure; long span up to 17m; fire resistance. more info precast beams and columns. precast hollow core concrete beams and columns advantages: no propping to beams; no need for expensive on-site formwork; flexibility with design as various cross&nbsp;【Get Price】

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melbourne manufacturers and installers of hollow core pre-cast concrete for building. we can design build deliver and install. phone (03) 9369 4944.【Get Price】