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floor - how should i prepare a plywood subfloor for floating vinyl

i'd question how waterproof you need this to be. will there routinely be water sitting on the floor? if not you may be over-engineering things. that said off the top of my head one option for waterproofing the subfloor would be to paint on redgard: enter image description here. it's a 'paint on' waterproofing membrane that you'd typically use behind tiles on cement board and the like.【Get Price】

bathroom remodeling tips: choosing a subfloor material

26 oct 2015 enhanced plywood is treated with a layer of water-resistant coating that makes it much more resistant to the long term effects of moisture. georgia-pacific offers plytanium dryply which is designed to resist the problems created by high moisture and humidity. plywood tends to be stiffer than other subfloor materials making it a great choice for tiling which requires a stiff solid surface. tile can crack easily when flexed but a stiff subflooring helps prevent this.【Get Price】

tile - should i apply waterproofer on the subfloor beneath a shower

5 sep 2012 if you use the ditra and cover the seems that should be waterproof so there really should not be moisture getting to the subfloor. in such a high humidity environment i'd remove the existing sub-floor and put in pressure treated plywood in the entire room. however it's not a bad idea to do it anyway - and i'd do the entire room not just the floor under the pan - because an ounce of water-proofer is worth several thousand dollars of ripped out bathroom due to rot.【Get Price】

plywood vs. osb: which is better? – parr lumber

3 oct 2013 i read this article today in prosales magazine and found it very interesting. my personal opinion is that osb performs well on the wall and floor but stick to cdx plywood on the roof. far too often i see osb “sag” between the trusses making your roof look wavy. although osb typically offers a higher shear rating which adds rigidity to your structure. over the years i have seen claims for plywood decking delaminating which can cause squeeks and knocks between 【Get Price】

rotten bathroom floor-- how to fix it? - water and holding tanks

rotten bathroom floor 1999 monaco diplomat. can any one tell me how the mh subfloor is made. how about layers or i would use pressure treated wood and exterior or marine plywood. i would coat every thing with primer. i would also glue and caulk i have talked to monaco and they say there are two layers of 5/8th osb wood in subfloor but what i've seen on the web it appears there is only one layer. i would like to run across someone that can tell me how the 【Get Price】

bathroom - is it possible to coat the subfloor around a toilet

as tester said there shouldn't be any leaks and therefore no rot. any leak from the wax ring should be repaired immediately. however pressure treated lumber will last longer in a wet environment if you are concerned about overflows sweating or other reasons the floor may get wet in that area. coating regular wood is not going to stop it from absorbing water on the edge or if it is soaked with water. if you are laying tile in that area: they make a liner product called 【Get Price】

pressure treated wood - what it is benefits & where to use

the extremely toxic nature of the chemical caught the attention of the epa who then began strict oversight of the practices of the companies that used cca. while opinions continue to differ over the exact danger that cca poses existing wood that has been treated with the old preservative is generally considered to be safe especially when the homeowner takes the recommended precaution of applying a penetrating oil finish every few years. in 2003 the lumber industry responded to 【Get Price】

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6 mar 2010 i am having a full basement bathroom installed and just wanted to ask a few questions regarding tile installation. half of the basement is already swanstone shower base (bulit up on same sleepers and plywood as rest of bathroom floor) quikcrete sand topping mix under with the 2/4's in contact with the concrete if moisture is a potential problem you should use kdat 2x4 (kiln dried after treatment) pressure treated wood. the subflooring should be 'normal' 【Get Price】

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instead you can repair the damaged pieces using new pressure-treated materials such as pressure-treated plywood that are more resistant to water damage. if you can't find the plywood try marine plywood instead – though this is a more expensive alternative. once those are fixed install the rigid foam insulation – not only will it help to preserve the subfloor but it'll also conserve energy. many older homes don't have insulation in the floors – especially bathroom floors – and you'll 【Get Price】

how to stop a plywood floor from rotting home guides sf gate

how to use pressure-treated plywood on a shed floor · how to finish plywood for flooring. plywood is the most common type of subfloor material used in homes around the world along with particleboard. while exterior-grade plywood is treated with special preservatives and glue to help weather against the elements most indoor types of plywood are not. if you want to ensure your floors do not rot out over time especially in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens you have to 【Get Price】

bathroom floor remodeling guide – diy or contractor

31 aug 2015 step 2: install the subflooring. master bathroom renovation. before beginning the installation of the new subfloor measure the bathroom floor several times to ensure accuracy (measure twice cut once). then cut and lay high-quality pressure treated plywood underlayment using screws designed for moisture and heavy-duty glue. this will ensure that the bathroom subfloor is 100% level and ready to accept the cement board. step 3: install the cement board. bathroom 【Get Price】

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install a wooden subfloor to help insulate flooring from cold concrete. a little bit of work now will make a big difference in the long-run! problem before you install the floor. headroom especially in a basement may be at a premium. to make low flooring framing that will conserve headroom lay pressure-treated 2x4s (sleepers) flat and cover them with 3/4-inch tongue-and-groove osb underlayment or exterior plywood. continue reading below. typical sleeper subfloor installation 【Get Price】

3/4 x 4 x 8 water repellant tongue-and-groove plywood subfloor

3/4 x 4 x 8 water repellant tongue-and-groove subfloor (actual size .688" x 47-1/2" x 95-7/8") and joint sanding. manufacturer and species may vary by location; tongue-and-groove; sub-floor product; sized for spacing (panel width/length may vary up to 1/8" to aid with proper installation); plus/minus applicable tolerances (minimum thickness shown); limited lifetime warranty. dimensions: 3/4 x 4 x 8 2 x 4 ground contact ac2® green pressure treated lumber. $18.68.【Get Price】