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attach 2x6 rafters to the house with joist hangers and/or supported by the ledger board. if necessary use a sliding bevel to determine angles needed where the rafters will meet the ledger board. rafters are placed on 24" centers and attached to the beams and settle joists are attached as needed (image 1). the rafters should be added from each end working toward the center. check each rafter for level as they are installed. attach to ledger first then settle joists. the vertical end beam 【Get Price】

lag screws and ledger boards: king of the house home inspection

10 apr 2011 steven l. smith king of the house home inspection in bellinghamwa explains the safety benefits of properly anchoring a deck balcony or porch ledger board【Get Price】

flat pan patio cover with trim kit-basic installation guidelines

ledger cover. (optional) and insert shim as required. a. insert the 2” x 6” ledger cover over the wood ledger board. (optional). b. select mounting on wall. snap a chalk line along the wall to locate the bottom of the ledger board. remember for proper drainage the panels much be. 33installed at a minimum 1/2” slop per foot of projection. (if required). c. attach ledger board to the wall (or roof rafters-which ever is applicable) as marked by your chalk line. fasten the ledger with the wood 【Get Price】

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18 oct 2017 mounting the patio roof ledger fastening to masonry walls flashing a patio roof ledger. expert advice on how to attach a patio roof to a house with step-by-step instructions and construction diagrams. california redwood association. patio roof connects to a ledger that firmly attaches to house framing. a house-attached patio roof takes advantage of the house's structure by supporting one end of the roof on a ledger mounted horizontally to the house. the ledger 【Get Price】

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23 jun 2016 mike lovewell from heartland pergolas explains how our pergola rafters install onto the ledger board and structures. if you have additional questions do not 【Get Price】

alumawood patio cover roof top ledger board installation

6 may 2008 roof top ledger board installation by a do it yourself homeowner the aluminum awning is attached to the ledger board instead of the wall or fascia board by 【Get Price】

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roof top ledger board installation. fascia attachment. the ledger board is attached to the roof with 90 degree heavy duty stanley brackets (the brackets need to be bent so the new ledger board is plumb.) the brackets are then lag bolted to the roof and sealed watertight. note: the roof top brackets wood ledger board and lag bolts are to be purchased locally by customer. ledger wrap is an aluminum cover option to protect your ledger board.【Get Price】

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8 jan 2013 building a patio cover 303-255-5554 we are in denver colorado today. we're working we attached the patio cover to the garage by cutting out the siding and installing 4 x 6 duglous fur posts inside the garage to hold up the beams. stay tuned for instead of putting beams through the house or even attaching to the house via a ledger board what are your thoughts on putting two more posts flush with the house? .【Get Price】

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25 jun 2012 /tools/ the amazon affiliate program link above is your personal link to purchase any of the tools we use or any other purchases related to or not to stucco/plastering trowels and tools such as vitamins furniture or even lions tigers bears or my whatever your needs are you just never know. once you click on the link above we show many tools we prefer however you can still scroll along and purchase your everyday supplies at the same 【Get Price】

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17 jan 2012 customer question: “i'm building a small patio cover for my patio. what's the best way to install a ledger?” answer: there are many different types styles codes and other factors that come into play when installing a patio cover ledger. however assuming you have the right tools and intermediate – advanced construction knowledge the process is relatively straightforward. in this you want to make sure the roof lines match up and that the joists are the same pitch 【Get Price】

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31 mar 2013 instructions for installing an alumashade ledger board. questions? visit or call 888-alumawood.【Get Price】

9-step patio cover installation process remodel usa

patio cover installation process. our energy efficient duralum patio covers help regulate the temperature of the wall they are installed against as well as provide ample shade for your patio. the installation process for our patio covers is straightforward. step 1: install ledger board. the ledger board is installed against an exterior wall of your home. its size is based on the size of your roof. install ledger board. step 2: install rafter hangers. we mark up the ledger cover and install rafter 【Get Price】

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26 sep 2017 installing a ledger board ensures the structural support of your patio cover. a ledger is a pressure-treated board that attaches to an existing wall to anchor a new construction or attachment and 【Get Price】

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8 dec 2012 - las vegas landscaping company sunshine landscaping shows us how to put up a patio cover.【Get Price】

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attaching to wall or ledger board. wall attachment. popular on 2 story homes or homes on the gable end wall wall hanger attaches directly to your siding pergola lattice covers do need a ledger board in most cases. benefits: strongest installation. more rafter or pan clear span than fascia or roof top attachments (no roof top attachment in high snow areas). costs less money than freestanding. drawback: patio covers height may be too low on homes with a short wall and a low 【Get Price】

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15 modern deck building tips and shortcuts. deck building plansbuilding a deck framewood deck plansbuilding a carportbuilding a porchbuild a deckdeck repairporch repairmodern deck. best way to flash a ledger board deck and porch flashing can be tricky. check this out to do it right and for other deck and porch building tips.【Get Price】

open lattice tube patio cover- basic installation guidelines

a. insert the 2” x 6” ledger cover (aluminum material) over the wood ledger material. b. select mounting position on the wall or roof fascia. snap a level chalk line to locate the bottom of the ledger board. c. attach the ledger board to the wall or roof fascia whichever is applicable using the chalk line as your bottom reference. fasten the ledger to the wall studs or roof fascia rafters using ¼” x 3” 4” or 6” long lag screws. 2. install rafter hangers: if you are using a ledger board 【Get Price】

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6 may 2010 this is one method used to attach a deck to a brick house. at your deck company we use 1/2" threaded rod for the ledger connection drilling through the house【Get Price】