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mar 18 2013 i'm installing laminate in my kitchen/dining room and want to do my best to seal from water (from the top down). i have kids and they're great at spilling things and leaving it. i'm already going to take silicone caulk around the expansion gap but would like to take it a step further and seal each individual 【Get Price】

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there are lots of grades of laminate flooring. when i say lots maybe hundreds. these are the main things that figure in on how moisture will affect your laminate (almost all apply to engineered wood):. locking system. i have put together some laminate that have a very "loose" locking system. to the point 【Get Price】

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jan 14 2015 to make your laminate flooring more moisture resistant it is okay to apply laminate flooring sealant to the joints only do not extend to anywhere else on the flooring. you can't glue laminate flooring to the subfloor as it limits the floor's ability to expand and contract effectively. you can find general wood glue 【Get Price】

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laminate floors are created by placing an image of wood between resin layers to provide a wood-like appearance that is durable and easy to care for. in general apply the sealer over the cracks in the boards allow the material to slip in between the boards and then wipe away the excess from the tops of the boards.【Get Price】

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buying a sealant specific to your laminate is important because it will allow your flooring to expand and contract with the weather rather than remaining rigid. this can help keep your wood from splintering or cracking when the humidity is high. often laminate companies have a sealant that they manufacture or recommend 【Get Price】

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apr 26 2016 your floor is only as beautiful as it's finish so spend the time and care that is needed for installing the skirting boards. first remove all the spacers you don't need them anymore. if you're working on a bathroom or kitchen floor or if you need to clean this area frequently with water then fill up the gutter 【Get Price】

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gail asked: how do i clean a laminate floor after tap dancing on it? we laid a laminate floor in our dance studio that was cost effective for us. after dancing on it we are getting black scuff marks and have to scrub the floor after each class or the black gets on the dancer's feet. how can we clean or put a sealant on it so we 【Get Price】