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of the 12 million acres of forest 11.6 million acres are classi- fied as timberland. timberlands are capable of growing commercial timber producing at least 115 board feet of wood volume per acre per year (a board foot is 12” x 12” cooperative extension work acts of may 8 and june 30 1914 in cooperation with the u.s. department of agriculture m. scott smith director of cooperative extension. service university of kentucky college of agriculture lexington and kentucky state 【Get Price】

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harvested acres. these private owners who own or control close to 70 percent of the. south's commercial timberland are losing a. distributed in furtherance tremendous opportunity to produce future of the acts of congress timber income. these costs normally will not exceed $5 per acre per year. 4. an estimate of the future value of harvested timber products. future timber value can be projected by in- creasing the present timber price to reflect the expected increase in timber prices 【Get Price】

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27 jun 2013 based in part on the strength of the market and the longer term market outlook weyerhaeuser entered into an agreement to purchase 645000 acres of forestland in northwest oregon and western washington from longview timber at a price of $2.65 billion or $4100 per acre. the price reflects the fact that the timberlands are very productive; they feature gentle terrain and large volumes of mature high quality douglas fir timber. they are also centrally located in 【Get Price】

stumpage market trends in the us south: harvest type and tons

27 feb 2015 this series focuses on the stumpage market trends we observed while analyzing the data collected in forest2market's timber pricing service from 2002-2014. this post--part 3 in the series--highlights trend reversals in harvest types and yields. part 1: sale and harvest trends; part 2: sale method and buyer type; part 3: harvest type and tons per acre; part 4: price. one of the most common questions we receive from landowners concerns harvest yield: what is the 【Get Price】

are $350 per acre timberland prices around the corner?

29 jun 2011 at this time a lot of southern timberland traded for about $350 per acre. if we grow that forward at 3.5% per year it would indicate that prices of southern timberland should be hovering around $720 per acre. 1995 – in 1995 the economy had recovered from the last recession and was (although we didn't know it) at the start of the longest bull run in housing known to man. the spotted owl crisis in the northwest pushed demand to the south. timber prices were roughly 【Get Price】

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10 jun 2014 without knowing the details one might assume that the $350/mbf bid is the better offer. once the likelihood of underestimation is understood however it is clear the $335/mbf price would yield considerably more profit for the seller. one solution to this problem would be to require all potential buyers to submit their bids in dollars per ton ($/ton). this requirement can be made clear in the timber sales notice when it is published. at the very least however sellers should 【Get Price】

first quarter 2016 louisiana timber market report - lsu agcenter

first quarter 2016 louisiana timber market report i. by dr. shaun tanger lsu agcenter forest economist. louisiana stumpage prices. 1st quarter 2016. change from prior quarter. timber class. price per ton. % change. pine sawtimber markets. the expired sla (softwood lumber agreement) could be the culprit but i outlined last october that we've officially not had a binding constraint from this legislation for some time now anyway due to the depressed prices for lumber.【Get Price】

timber prices: know the value of your timber prior to timber harvest

13 nov 2014 as a result every sale price is influenced by a large range of variables that are unique to each timber tract: species tree size tree quality volume of sale distance to market site accessibility logging difficulty market conditions current with large volume tracts buyers can afford to pay more for stumpage since their fixed costs are much lower per unit of volume access roads and easy access to highways make it easier for log trucks to get in and out of a site thereby 【Get Price】

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4 nov 2016 investor day november 2016. rayonier – best-in-class pure-play timber reit. ▫ second-largest timber. reit with 2.7 million acres of high-quality timberland. ▫ geographic diversity –. u.s. south pacific. northwest new zealand .. 2014. 2015 q3-16. s aw timb er s tu mp age p rice. m ill v ariable co sts / com p o site l u mb er p rice. wood cost (stumpage). other variable costs. variable margin. rl composite price. sawtimber price. ($ per mbf). ($ per ton) 【Get Price】

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15 mar 2017 of assumptions including the price realized and cost associated with harvesting acquired timber the harvest yield of the timberlands acquired and estimates of merchantable timber inventories growth florida georgia and south carolina for $217 million or $2280 per acre (the “acquisitions”)(1) based on timber mart-south weighted average composite stumpage price by region assuming product mix of 50% pulpwood 30% chip-n-saw and 20% sawtimber. (3).【Get Price】

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27 aug 2013 freight costs rose 12.2 percent or $1.01/ton. handling costs (cost of harvesting the timber) remained steady gaining just $0.06/ton. quarter-over-quarter. in 2q2013 pine pulpwood prices decreased $0.37/ton or 1.0 percent from the 1q2013 average price of $35.33 per ton. demand for pine pulpwood declined as total purchase by volume was down 0.9 percent in 2q2013. freight costs increased an average $0.07/ton. stumpage and handling costs on the other hand 【Get Price】

stumpage market trends in the us south: timber prices

2 mar 2015 this series focuses on the stumpage market trends we observed while analyzing the data collected in forest2market's timber pricing service from 2002-2014. this post--part 4 in the series--highlights price trends. part 1: sale and harvest trends; part 2: sale method and buyer type; part 3: harvest type and tons per acre; part 4: price trends. note: all prices reported in this post are average weighted prices for the entire us south (virginia to texas florida to 【Get Price】

rayonier investor presentation march 2017 - investor relations

u.s. south rate of harvest. u.s. south ebitda* / acre. ▫ ebitda* per ton best captures profitability per unit of sales. ▫ ebitda* per acre can be misleading due to differential rates of harvest. ($ per ton harvested). (tons per acre per year) change in stumpage price by region: 2005-2016. source: usda fia timber product output; university of georgia wood demand report;. rayonier estimates. source: timber mart-south. note: assumes composite mix of 50% pulpwood 30% 【Get Price】

timber prices mississippi state university extension service

that information is used by msu faculty to develop a timber price report for mississippi that will be published quarterly in msu extension forestry's newsletter the overstory and posted on this website. an archive of price reports is available on this website and all future quarterly reports will be added to that collection. certain factors may cause a particular tract of timber to be valued higher or lower. for example a tract that has a high timber volume per acre and can be logged during 【Get Price】