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how to paint a front door - top tips to revive your old door

may 19 2017 just with any painting project the amount of time you dedicate to preparing your front door will determine your results. start by accessing the door. are you working with wood or metal? is the old paint peeling off? if the door is in a bad state you might need to use a paint stripper and wire scouring pad to【Get Price】

garage door and front door refinishing - chatham nj 07928

aug 7 2013 all of the original stain was chemically stripped from the doors; leaving the garage doors and front door as bare wood. if you are considering sikkens staining or an exterior painting project we would like the opportunity to tell you why we think we are the best exterior painting contractor in chatham nj.【Get Price】

refinishing a fiberglass entry door. - youtube

nov 2 2013 this video shows the step-by-step process that i used to refinish my fiberglass entry door. by how-to bob.【Get Price】

how to strippaint off a door - pretty handy girl

jun 13 2014 how to strip paint off a door pretty handy girl save. i had five doors to paint (front two doors one side door and two wooden storm doors.) but this diy project was doomed from the start. my friend holly was sweet enough to offer to help me paint. the week we were supposed to start on the doors her son【Get Price】

how to strip paint from a wood door real homes

sep 3 2016 this old wood door was thick with paint from years of decorating so i decided to strip back the layers to reveal the original pitch pine beneath. stripping paint is a time consuming and messy job so it's important to make sure the wood is worthy of the effort. if inferior timber was used or if it's an unsightly【Get Price】

how to paint a metal door - glidden paint

apr 10 2017 how to avoid common first-time metal door painting mistakes. i have had great success with everything except for one item: the front door to my house. if the finish is free of cracking and peeling but simply needs a fresh coat the surface can be lightly sanded* and cleaned and a fresh coat of glidden【Get Price】

stripping door hardware the natural way with vinegar today's

watch this video to find out how to strip paint from door hardware by soaking it in heated household vinegar.【Get Price】

interior painting ideas : how to remove paint from doors - youtube

jan 27 2012 removing paint from doors is done by wiping it off with paint thinner if it is still wet using a paint stripper if the paint is dry or using a scraper to re【Get Price】

how to remove numerous layers of old paint ? diy projects & videos

jun 27 2017 remove a century of lead paint build-up from your front door in a project that is not quite a honeymoon! spend your honeymoon or your weekend revealing your front door's century-old style and workmanship under decades of lead paint build-up. remove the layers with modern paste strippers that【Get Price】

painting a steel door - the practical house painting guide

some of these problems are excessive peeling of the paint on the door or frame and difficulty to hide brush strokes on a smooth surface. many door manufactures have removable weather stripping. . although the front door is a great place for a dramatic statement a dark or red color will need repainting much sooner.【Get Price】

paint the front door: 10 helpful tips - decoist

painting a brand new door is different from re-painting an existing door especially if there is peeling paint involved. visiting with an expert (we're talking 10 minutes at the home improvement store folks) is a great way to get a customized set of instructions for your front door from the best paintbrushes to the specific paint【Get Price】

how to restore a front door how-tos diy

the door in this project had latex paint applied over oil paint. it's often very difficult to sand latex paint especially when it's applied over oil paint. without removing this paint the repairs we made to the door could not be sanded smooth. this meant that the paint would need to be removed using paint-stripper. an added【Get Price】

how to paint a front door - homeadvisor -

it takes about one quart of exterior paint $10 to $40 to cover a standard (80”x36”) front door. find the best paint colors note: do not sand or strip paint models made in the 1980's or before. the surface may however hiring a pro to paint your front door can turn a weekend project into a two-hour task. a door that looks【Get Price】

removing old paint from a door - youtube

apr 10 2013 today we are removing old paint from a door. all you need is the solution an old paint brush a putty knife and pair of latex gloves. remove the old paint i【Get Price】

how to strip paint from an old door. - instructables

mar 8 2012 a couple of years ago i bought a house. one of the things i really wanted was lots of wood. i have always been impressed with houses that has well finished wood throughout. the house was almost 60 years old and had flooring. the original wooden doors were painted. well those were the first【Get Price】

how to strip & refinish a front door home guides sf gate

paint stripper on one side of the door with an old natural-bristle paintbrush. most commercial strippers contain methylene chloride which is highly caustic. wear rubber gloves goggles and a mask while using it.【Get Price】

can you paint composite doors? - composite door experts

feb 25 2017 timber doors can be stained or painted. the process includes the following steps: getting rid of any loose peeling; use of sandpaper to rub down the wood; use a wood primer (oil-based) to coat the bare wood; give the wood a couple of undercoats using high-quality exterior paint; and give the wood two【Get Price】

how to strip . . . paint off a door hometalk

how to strip paint off a door doors painting. i had five doors to paint (front two doors one side door and two wooden storm doors.) but this diy project was doomed from the start. i finally got around to sanding and priming the front door. i was elated as i finally began to brush the paint onto the doors. ahhhh. beautiful green.【Get Price】

removing paint from metal doors - youtube

may 12 2017 in this video i show you my latest project in removing 3 layers of paint from the metal doors on my shed. the outside of the doors that receive daily sunligh【Get Price】

paint and varnish stripping front door - youtube

nov 21 2009 this is one of my first diy videos sorry about poor quality production values paint and varnish stripping front doornitromors paint and varnish stripper【Get Price】

how to refinish an exterior door the easy way - average but inspired

jul 7 2014 one thought we don't have a storm door so i'm removing our weather stripping before i stain and finish (it needs to be replaced anyway). that way when i close the door i can lock it without the front surface contacting the door jamb. it's held proud by the lock deadbolt and hinges. once my finish has cured【Get Price】