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superimposed load. tables. the formlok deck with concrete fill tables in this catalog list the. allowable superimposed loads. this is the uniform load in addition to the weight of concrete and formlok deck that the composite slab can support based on concrete with a minimum 28-day compressive strength of 3000 psi. formlok slab capacity is based on the composite slab acting as a one-way simply supported single span slab. the immediate deflection of the composite slab 【Get Price】

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steel coating & tab-deck™ fibre concrete solution. initially added to our product range in 2002 the original tr80 has undergone further research and development evolving to the now revised profile renamed tr80+. this 80mm deep trapezoidal profile is available in 0.9mm. 1.0mm and 1.2mm gauges in both s350 and s450 grade steel. hd. high durability. 122. 600 cover width. 300. 80. 12. tr80. slab depth. volume of concrete. weight of concrete (normal weight). weight 【Get Price】

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the tests were run over concrete that was lightly ground prior to the testing domes being placed. the results shown in the chart below show that the lightweight concrete (slab 1) and the lightweight concrete with slots in the metal decking (slab 3) had very similar mver drying curves.the slots in the metal decking had no effect.the normal weight concrete mver data always was slightly less than that of the lwc assemblies but was very similar.the different types of concrete showed 【Get Price】

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19 apr 2008 benefits of pennar metal decking. • light weight and doesn't require any support which considerably reduces the use of concrete & slab thickness. • acts as composite member and as permanent shuttering. • no major reinforcement required. • deck can be used as working platform during construction. • speedy construction enables faster completion of a project. • metal deck can also be used as roofing and cladding sheet in cement power plants and bulk 【Get Price】

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fire design of tab-deck™ steel fibre reinforced concrete. page 6 profiles and sectional properties. page 7. arcelormittal technical specification. page 8. r51 tab-deck™ fire tables. page 9. tr60+ tab-deck™ fire tables. page 10 tr80+ .. tab-deck design guide. smd.bro.121.v4. concrete volume and weight. slab depth. volume of concrete. weight of concrete (normal weight). weight of concrete (lightweight) mm m³/m². wet (kn/m²). dry (kn/m²). wet (kn/m²).【Get Price】

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composite. 1 1/2” composite deck normal weight concrete (145 pcf). notes: 1. load tables are calculated using section properties based on the steel design thickness shown in the steel deck institute (sdi) design manual. 2. minimum exterior bearing length required is 1.5 inches. minimum interior bearing length is. 3 inches. if these minimum lengths are not provided web crippling must be checked. - section properties calculated in accordance with. aisi specifications.【Get Price】

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floor deck. during the placement of concrete steel deck resists the vertical loads associated with the weight of the concrete and the construction loads. as the concrete cures a chemical and mechanical shear bond forms collectively between the surface of the steel deck and the concrete. the mechanical bond is achieved via embossed features on the surface of the steel deck. the strength of a composite diaphragm (deck + concrete) depends on the shear bond and the 【Get Price】

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no acustadek® options. longest unshored spans. excellent alternate to sdi dr (deep rib) profile. lower composite deck-slab weight than 3wxh-36 for the specified concrete thickness. 8 inch on center low flute spacing to allow for bearing wall studs to be at 16 inches on center. non-composite deck. 7⁄8 inch depth 32 inch coverage. 2 foot to 7 foot span range. no acustadek® options. good for short span conditions. for use when metal deck is used as a leave in place.【Get Price】

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volume and weight. section properties and design notes. load span tables. comflor 9 software. design support. long span and versatile: the combined trapezoidal and re-entrant profile provides the benefits of easy service hanging good shear interaction and long spans. low concrete and steel usage: a low volume of concrete is needed reducing weight and steel requirement. central stud placement: shear studs are placed centrally in the troughs to ensure beneficial placement.【Get Price】

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with a concrete slab. tables for these composite sections show loads and unshored spans for normal weight concrete and light weight concrete on separate pages. the p-3615 p-3606 p-2436 and p-2404 deck profiles are available with perforated web elements that reduce noise rever- beration when fiberglass insulation strips are installed according to the assembly instructions for acoustical deck (refer to page 33). the resistance values of acoustical deck are considered to be 95% 【Get Price】

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deck sheet. metal profile sheets with strong and reliable shear bond performance which is augmented by cross embossing located in the profile. the composite floor profile are ultimate in the light weight steel decking and this reduces concrete usage providing a cost effective and alternative floor solution that easy to install. the floor is constituted by a profiled metal deck sheet onto which a layer of concrete is poured. the gi decking sheet is bonded to the concrete by means of 【Get Price】

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product data sheet profile details and sectional properties. floor deck profile. deck profile. options. concrete volume and weight. • reduced concrete volume. • enhanced speed of installation due to the 1.0m cover width. • trough stiffeners positioned to ensure central stud position reducing amount of site checking required. • the steel cross sectional area of this profile makes it the most economical option of the three available profiles. • soffit 'wedge nut' fixings available with load 【Get Price】

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metfloor 80 is a deep trapezoidal composite floor steel deck with great spanning capabilities and reduced concrete usage it is available in gauges 0.9mm and 1.2mm prices starting at £18.10 pm. metfloor 80 composite slab - volume & weight. slab depth (mm) concrete volume (m3/m2) weight of concrete (kn/m<sup>2</sup>). normal weight concrete. wet dry. 140 0.096 2.28 2.24. 150 0.106 2.52 2.47. 160 0.116 2.75 2.7. 170 0.126 2.99 2.93. 180 0.136 3.23 3.16. 190 0.146 3.46&nbsp;【Get Price】