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jun 26 2003 last time i talked about how even in the 21st century wooden propellers have advantages over metal propellers. for one thing wooden propellers deal with the many vibrations of the engine and the aeroplane body thousands of times better than metal propellers. being bent backwards and forwards 【Get Price】

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choosing between a fixed pitch wood or a fixed pitch metal propeller. while wood propellers are not certified for many planes for those for which they are certified there are some advantages: wood props are lighter and result in an increase in payload; wood propellers cause less vibration. while metal props accumulate 【Get Price】

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the propeller attaches to the power source's driveshaft either directly or through reduction gearing. propellers are made from wood metal or composites. propellers are only suitable for use at subsonic airspeeds up to around 480 mph (770 km/h) as above this speed the blade tip speed approaches the speed of sound and 【Get Price】

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metal props initially had a performance advantage over wood—because metal is so strong metal props can be made thinner than wood and are therefore more efficient. but the benefits were obviated in the early 1950s by the design of a new airfoil for wooden propellers. wood props traditionally had a flat backside which 【Get Price】

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having secured the patronage of a london banker named wright smith then built a 30-foot 6-horsepower canal boat of six tons burthen called the francis smith which was fitted with a wooden propeller of his own design and demonstrated on the paddington canal from november 1836 to september 1837. by a fortuitous 【Get Price】

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mt propeller advantages. reduced weight – mt natural composite propellers are significantly lighter than aluminum propeller systems. composite does not. (have you ever seen a wooden tuning fork?) another advantage of lower tip speeds is the maintenance of smooth airflow across the blades. this results in more 【Get Price】

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yes the wood props are lighter and generally stiffer they are not more efficient. the data does not support your claim. the advantage of molded glass-filled props is they are more robust and cheaper by at least 50% for the same efficiency and thrust function = superior value. if weight and gyroscopic inertia 【Get Price】

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jul 13 2012 but all-wood props are rarely used on high performance aerobatic airplanes due to integrity issues and performance disadvantages. there is one maker who makes a high-lamination wood prop that some folks use on experimental pitts s-1/one design types. but wood/composite is much more favored due 【Get Price】

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in my opinion i believe wood propellers are far superior to their aluminum counterparts. wood propellers have a few advantages when compared to the aluminum variety. some of these advantages include cost weight and fatigue. one of the first advantages of wood propellers deals with vibrations. your engine and aircraft 【Get Price】