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cabin forum/blog: renovating 5 seasonal cabins in the lakes region of new hampshire. need to can't say if it's good or bad but this ceu web course on flooring ad came in the mail today; i want to do something with my floor and my situation is the same with the camp being unheated in the winter.【Get Price】

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sep 14 1999 tina wants to install pine flooring in an unheated cottage. different lumber yards were talking about curing the pine for as much as a year before installing it. getting wood to a stable moisture level is important for flooring and if it is locally milled you must either kiln dry it or air dry it for at least a year.【Get Price】

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regular maintenance and upkeep will keep them in good waterproof operation for the life of the house while vinyl will need to be replaced every decade or two. even though it's designed to be an unheated space you should consider adding a vapor barrier and insulation to the flooring area. this will 【Get Price】

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nov 21 2015 a 'floating' floor at the cottage will allow for expansion and contraction during hot summers and cold winters. . if you're leaving your cottage shut down or unheated over the winter either the laminate wood planks or vinyl planks that look like wood would be great the roof insulation is not very good.【Get Price】

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mar 27 2016 sorry but indoor flooring requires indoor living conditions. vinyl has problems when exposed to large swings in climate and humidity. a 40-60 deg f. swing in temperature and a 40% difference in humidity from winter to summer is way too much for vinyl to handle. there are no "indoor" floors that can 【Get Price】

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my question is as our cottage in not heated in the winter months and the temperature goes down to -20 to -30 . will the floor expand and contract to the point it will buckle crack or thanks for your responses do you have any engineered suggestions if brazilian koa is not recommended??【Get Price】

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i am looking for recommendations for a durable low maintenance floor at our 3 season cottage. .. china produces good and bad depends on the specs. my daughters experience with engineered hardwoods began with buckling in the summer as it expanded the installer "fixed" it. and in the winter it 【Get Price】

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is it normal for vinyl flooring to lift after a few years inside a cottage that is not heated in winter? susanne g. from lavington yes and no. like anything all vinyl flooring is not created equal. when properly installed in an unheated cottage where temperatures drop to -40c a good quality vinyl floor should give years of beauty 【Get Price】

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plus a laminate floor expands and contracts as a whole so unlike it doesn't leave gaps between planks or around nails. (laminate isn't fastened to the subfloor so it can “float” on top.) the real enemy is moisture: true good laminate is more water-resistant than ever but—if you get a poor-quality brand—your 【Get Price】

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the temperature of the room needs to be between 10 and 100°f. the 1/4" to 1/2" expansion must be maintained. if the cottage is unheated in the winter the cold should not affect the laminate as long as it was installed within the recommended temperature and humidity range. when the cottage is used again a gradual rise 【Get Price】