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remove the old drywall and replace it with 5/8-inch drywall. this is a messy job that will probably result in all the ceiling insulation falling into the room. if you want to avoid this much trouble install new drywall directly over the old.【Get Price】

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sep 4 2014 if everybody could fix ceilings there would be no money in fixing ceilings for professional ceiling fixers and ceiling fixing technology would never have progressed past “adding a bit more straw and manure”. basically it's thanks to people like me those completely ignorant of building techniques that we no 【Get Price】

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nov 4 2009 drop ceilings consist of suspended rails that hold up ceiling tiles to create a lower ceiling. drop ceilings can be useful for a number of reasons. there may be water pipes 【Get Price】

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aug 13 2014 by hawthorn plaster repairs specialist. repaired a garage ceiling where the air pressures may have caused the problem i was told the man hole us 【Get Price】

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fixing an old plaster ceiling that is falling down may require some extensive repairs or may even require complete replacement of the old plaster with sheetrock. first you have to assess the extent of the damage and determine whether there is a leak or moisture problem up in the attic.【Get Price】

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dec 28 2015 various methods are used to reinforce plaster before it falls including using screws and oversized fender washers that are perforated and are called unlikely enough plaster repair washers. you can find them various places. here is a small tutorial from a vendor plaster washers & plaster repair 【Get Price】

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chances are you're getting pretty tired of that fabric hanging from the roof of your car. blocking your view out the rear window barely touching the tip of you.【Get Price】

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to fix the ceiling remove the offending areas of stucco assuming they haven't cracked and fallen off the wall yet. get under the layer of stucco with a putty knife and gently scrape and peel away any bad areas of stucco to reveal the drywall ceiling underneath. scrape off additional areas surrounding the bad area at least a 【Get Price】

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however if the ceiling is sagging or has watermarks it hampers the overall look and feel of the room. apart from being a bad sight to look at sagging ceiling tiles can be very dangerous for people living in the house. the loose tiles may fall and cause serious injury to someone. it is therefore essential to repair them so as to 【Get Price】

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sep 29 2011 there are large negative and positive air differences in a garage especially if it is windy when the door is open and this may loosen the plaster fixing and eventually the ceiling can come loose and fall a simple way to fix would be to put some ventilation in the ceiling to equalize the pressure. plaster board is 【Get Price】