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maybe this can help. /can-you-sand-and-refinish-engineered-wood-flooring/ gel stain is not recommended for flooring because it doesn't penetrate ( so it would wear off) but if you are planning on covering your floor anyway you could always go ''rogue'' and try a small sample can on a sample 【Get Price】

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sep 28 2014 is it possible to sand and refinish your engineered wood flooring. in this article i discuss my experiences with refinishing engineered wood flooring over the years. i am considering how to bring the engineered wood floors (oak) in our apartment back to life. it's a rented apartment. the floors were laid about 【Get Price】

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feb 17 2016 what is engineered hardwood? let's first briefly address the construction of engineered wood. engineered flooring is a product made up of a core of plywood and or hdf with a top layer of veneer that is glued on the top surface. the layers of the flooring are made with a 【Get Price】

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learn about the restoration process and get floor refinishing tips to help you diy or decide to go pro. should you refinish floors yourself? or you can usually figure it out by pulling up a floor register and looking at the side of a plank to see if it's all wood laminate or engineered wood.【Get Price】

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the complete diy floor refinishing step by step guide from home flooring pros. includes all the you should refinish floors by sanding and sealing them from time to time to keep them looking at their best. the good . click here for more information about refinishing engineered flooring.【Get Price】

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learn about how to refinish floors as well as how often to keep your flooring looking like new! you can sand and refinish some engineered floors the same way you would a solid flooring but not usually as many times. look for engineered products which typically have thicker 【Get Price】

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instead often just the dented boards are removed and replaced. this is a lower-cost quicker option and ideal for floors that have damage isolated to a few boards. also while engineered wood is much less susceptible to cupping if the floor is uneven and warped the risk of refinishing could far outweigh the benefits.【Get Price】

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how to care for it? mop with a microfiber cloth and wood floor cleaner to remove the dirt that scratches the finish and shortens the floor's life. engineered wood laminate flooring is about as thick as engineered so you can lay it over existing floors but once a laminate's top coat wears away it's toast; it can't be refinished.【Get Price】

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engineered flooring can be refinished though not as many times as solid hardwood. can your engineered using simple division for common flooring thicknesses we can determine how many times the engineered can be refinished: how to know if existing engineered flooring can be refinished.【Get Price】

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aug 26 2016 in this video i answer a simple question about engineered flooring. the question is: can you refinish it by sanding and staining it? you can definitely sand and stain engineered flooring to refinish it; however there are only a few millimeters of actual so you have to be really 【Get Price】