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lp® canexel® ced'r-vue prefinished lap siding. storage. do not store canexel siding in heated buildings. storage in heated buildings will dry out the siding and make it susceptible to buckling. the siding must be kept on lp canada supplied pallets so that it remains flat and must be covered with a water resistant shroud provided by lp canada. keep siding clean and dry. inspect as with all wood products do not apply engineered wood siding to a structure having excessive 【Get Price】

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all exposed wood substrate must be sealed in a manner that prevents moisture intrusion and water buildup. • see alternate fastening options for fastening lap siding to sip. icf and steel frame assemblies. • do not use staples . o.c. screw spacing. alternative fastening options over corrosion resistant steel. stud framing. • minimum withdrawal value of the steel framing must be 50 lbs. refer to the framing manufacturer's evaluation report. • 38 series precision lap must be 【Get Price】

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wood grain surfaces which simulate wood clapboard siding. for best results it is recommended that vinyl siding meet the requirements of the vinyl siding institute sponsored. certification program. see www.vinyl- siding.org for a current list of .. etc. extend the length of the slot with a nail slot punch tool. 4. do not nail tightly. allow a minimum of 1/32˝ between the back of the nail head screw or staple crown and the nailing strip. nails or staples should be placed approximately 12˝ to 【Get Price】

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22 apr 2013 sometimes it's nail holes and sometimes it's rotten wood but your projects will require you to patch wood and i'll help you determine the best materials to use. its fast drying time and resistance to rot and mildew make it perfect for exterior repairs. i have used it outdoors . if the jam is repaired the best prev nation for this happening in the future is to get rid of the tiny screws that are sent with the dampener and replace them with 3″ pan head screws into the framing.【Get Price】

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pvc trim looks and cuts like wood and it lasts forever but there are a few special installation techniques you need to know for a successful install. fasten with stainless steel screws or hot-dipped siding nails. cutting and use rust-resistant fasteners. stainless steel trim-head screws are the best fastener for pvc trim. photo: courtesy of the family handyman. when it comes to choosing your fasteners don't scrimp by using fasteners that won't last as long as the vinyl trim.【Get Price】

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easy to drive without predrilling and with minimal splitting this 1/4" diameter high-strength structural wood screw is ideal for various connector installations as well as multiple applications. strong-drive® sd . this structural screw is used for fastening wood to hot-rolled steel (maximum recommended thicknesses: 5/16"). the common application for this self-drilling screw is for fastening steel decking to structural steel steel stitching ("side-lap" stitching) and cold-formed steel framing.【Get Price】

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this screw features a 5/16" hex head 16 threads per inch and a dual hardened heat treatment for improved drilling efficiency maximized ductility and a reduced potential for hydrogen embrittlement. the common application for this self-drilling screw is for fastening steel decking to structural steel steel stitching ("side-lap" stitching) and cold-formed steel framing. the common application for this screw is for attaching wood siding wood panels and metal trim to steel studs. features 【Get Price】

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6 apr 2016 expert advice on how to install wood or fiber-cement lap siding including how to prepare exterior walls and lay out siding for installation. also called horizontal siding or clapboard lap siding may be made of wood fiber-cement plywood hardboard or similar materials. despite the variety of materials installation methods are basically the same with a few variations in fasteners joints and so forth. for example you install fiber-cement lap siding in much the same way 【Get Price】

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hot-dipped galvanized as per astm a 153 aluminum and stainless steel fasteners are all corrosion-resistant and all can be used to fasten western red cedar. other types of fasteners (including electroplated and mechanically galvanized) are not recommended. they can rust and disintegrate and react adversely with the natural preservative present in cedar resulting in stains and streaks. type. for best result use “splitless” ring shank siding nails. these have thin shanks and blunt 【Get Price】

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29 jan 2013 when the sky turns blue it's tempting to grab a handful of nails and tackle those outdoor repair jobs that have languished during the cold weather—be they loose soffit boards where squirrels invaded the attic or buckled siding that's ready for repainting. don't just grab any nail though nail manufacturers recommend that you go with aluminum or stainless steel fasteners when you're using either of these woods—and whenever you're using pressure-treated wood.【Get Price】

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when you want the classic look of wood siding coupled with lifetime durability fiberboard cement siding may well be your best choice. fiberglass cement siding is a composite made of portland cement silica and wood fiber. once painted it looks almost identical to wood. it's available in many styles and widths both smooth and wood textured and you still get the crisp joints and details that'll make your home's exterior stand out. in addition it's highly rot and insect resistant won't burn 【Get Price】

problems with james hardie siding installations

25 aug 2009 james hardie lap siding is great product but it only performs as well as it's installed. i've heard several complaints about this product from various home buyers mostly anecdotal evidence about how the material deteriorates but i've found improper installations on every damaged section of siding i've ever seen. james hardie siding is a fiber-cement product that comes with a 30 or 50 year warranty but any warranty will be void if the product is improperly installed.【Get Price】

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wood lap. siding. fan fold. (foam under- layment). 1 1/4”. fastener. vinyl. siding. block or. concrete. over block or concrete. furring. strip. (min. 3/4”). plywood or osb. sheathing. fastener choices. use aluminum galvanized steel or other corrosion-resistant nails staples or screws when installing vinyl siding. aluminum trim pieces require aluminum or stainless steel fasteners. all fasteners must be able to penetrate a minimum of 1 1/4” (32mm) into nailable material such as wood 【Get Price】

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wood siding should be installed over a weather resistant barrier regardless of the sheathing material. allow for drainage between the sheathing wrap and the siding. sometimes referred to as a 'rainscreen wall' the airspace between the exterior siding promotes drainage and ventilation. typically a 1/4” and 1/2” airspace between the sheathing wrap and siding is achieved by applying vertical furring strips over the wrap. apply the siding using the correct screws in accordance with 【Get Price】