best way to clean a cedar deck

5 simple deck wash recipes & tips :

wood decks are a nice feature for the back yard but they do require a bit of tlc to keep them looking as good as possible and extend their lifespan. spray here are a handful of homemade cleaners you can try including a couple for removing stains and mildew. some tips before getting started: use a nylon bristle brush or 【Get Price】

how to power wash a wood deck - the spruce

sep 14 2017 power washing: pressure and tip selection use as low a pressure as possible while still being effective;; pressure for soft wood like cedar or pine should be at about 500 psi to 600 psi harder the key with power washing a wood deck is to not ruin the wood and etch or erode the soft wood fibers.【Get Price】 using a pressure washer to clean a deck

you have rented a pressure washer from the local rental store. the sales clerk assures you that this machine will clean your deck “no problem.” you get home and now what? the “do it yourselfer” that you are figures that washing the deck is a task that can be achieved rather easily. this may or not be the case. the next 【Get Price】

tips on re-finishing a cedar deck - youtube

apr 24 2012 bryan baeumler hgtv host shares his tips on how to re-finish a cedar deck. ---- for product info and project tips check out our website. remember you can 【Get Price】

restoring cedar decking - real cedar

jun 11 2013 it is a good practice to clean your western red cedar deck once a year in the spring to remove dirt mildew and other forms of discoloration. yearly cleaning will ensure that the deck looks nice as well as prolonging the life of the protective coating. scrubbing your cedar deck with warm soapy water will 【Get Price】

cedar deck restoration/ demonstration cleaningprepstaining

aug 17 2014 we demonstrate one of our deck restoration projects in a great demonstration watch and learn you can do it yourself!【Get Price】

best deck cleaners best deck stain reviews ratings

the main purpose of deck cleaners is to remove contaminants such as dirt oxidation (graying) mold algae and in some cases a very deteriorated stain that has failed. deck cleaners are typically made up of caustics soaps that will aid in the scrubbing or pressure washing of your wood during the prepping process.【Get Price】

guide to cleaning staining and sealing a cedar deck - buildipedia

nov 28 2012 however to keep your outdoor living area looking its best it's well worth your time to give your decking a bit of attention in the late fall and again in the spring. washing and sanding. make sure all paint and stain remnants have been removed before moving on to the next step. step 3. allow deck to dry.【Get Price】

my cedar deck before restoration - youtube

aug 28 2011 this is my deck after 11 years of negligence mildew blackening and uv graying before restoration.【Get Price】

cedar deck maintenance: how to pressure wash a cedar deck

jun 16 2016 note: advises against power washing your cedar deck because it can strip the softwood. like most things though this advice is dependent on your situation. many people still choose pressure wash their cedar decks and therefore we are giving instructions to those who choose to do so.【Get Price】

deck cleaning and sealing - ask the builderask the builder

dear tim: my wood deck needs to be cleaned and sealed. actually i have two wood decks; one is made from traditional treated lumber and the other one is cedar. several contractors want to pressure wash the decks but i am leery of this. in your opinion what is the best way to clean a wood deck? once clean what is the 【Get Price】

spring cleaning for the deck this old house

kevin o'connor replies: according to ed burke eastern regional representative for the western red cedar lumber association you'll have to clean it again then sand it to get rid of the gray. he recommends doing your cleaning early in the spring when the weather is cool because washing a deck in summer heat puts a lot 【Get Price】